Linkrealms Roadmap to Fall Beta

  • Hi everyone,

    want to find out what's new in the upcoming Fall Beta? Here for you is the official development roadmap!

    New features contained in the Fall Beta will mostly revolve around three focal points:

    1 - Adding variety to character builds through the introduction of 4 new skills: Staff Fighting, Poisoning, Constitution, Enlightenment.
    2 - Expanding the world and adding high-end content, with the introduction of the Forsaken Forest environment, the Lizzogoth race, the Cold-Blood Jungle and the Lizzgoth Artifacts.
    3 - Polishing the early game experience, making it easier for some templates to progress, particularly Sorcery users.

    Read on if you wish for a more detailed explanation of upcoming features, and see you soon on Linkrealms!

    Staff Fighting

    Staff Fighting is a new combat skill that determines the hit and dodge chance of players holding a Sorcery Staff - a much requested ability after the implementation of spell interrupts. It's acquired by attacking a target while holding a Sorcery Staff.

    Together with the implementation of the skill, Sorcery Staffs themselves are going to be slightly reworked. While staffs will still retain the same base damage and speed of today - that is, very low ones - they will all acquire 2 default maneuvers that can be used without requiring the Battle Tactics skill.


    Poisoning is a new combat skill that allows the player to:

    1. Increase the power of Sorcery spells that can poison the target.
    2. Craft different unguents and apply them to weapons to give them a chance to poison the victim.

    Crafting high-level unguents requires special herbs that spawn randomly in the wild, plus special items found in some specific creatures.


    Constitution is a new passive skill that is acquired drinking alcoholic beverages and receiving Poison damage.

    Constitution passively increases the effectiveness of alcoholic beverages (more life points healed) and the base Poison resistance of the user - resistance that, it must be pointed out, is no longer raised by Spell Defiance.


    Enlightenment is a new passive skill that is acquired casting Sorcery spells. It passively increases the damage dealt and the duration of special effects of Sorcery spells.

    Enlightenment also allows the user to project his wisdom on paper, allowing him to craft scrolls that contain the power of Sorcery spells. Casting a spell from a scroll instead of the usual way requires lower Sorcery skill level and grants the caster a minimum level of Spell Damage Increase, reduced casting time, and cannot be interrupted by receiving damage.


    Our long-running skill Sorcery required some love, and we decided to expand it with 6 new spells:

    1. Poison: applies a poison DOT to the target. The level of the poison applies depends on the Poisoning skill of the caster.
    2. Cure: attempts to remove poison from the target, chance of success depends on the caster's Enlightenment and on the level of the poison.
    3. Reveal: attempts at revealing hidden players in an area, chance of success depends on the caster's Enlightenment and on the hidden player's Hiding.
    4. Ice Splinters: temporarily applies to the target ice splinters, that more deal damage the more the target moves and can eventually cause him to bleed.
    5. Stone Skin: hardens the skin of the caster, making him unable to run but granting him far greater physical resistances. Casting the spell again or being hit too many times removes the effect.
    6. Chilling Wind: applies an thin ice layer on the victim. If the victim is hit by a Frost Blast while surrounded by thin ice, it is frozen completely.

    Moreover, the order of some spells in the spellbook will be changed, and it will be no longer necessary to find tomes scattered in the world to acquire spells (skill level suffices).

    Forsaken Forest

    The Forsaken Forest is a new environment located to the South of the current game world. The Forsaken Forest is home to the Lizzogoths, a dangerous race of sentient lizards.

    Killing Lizzogoths within the Forsaken Forest has a chance to drop Map Fragments. If all pieces of Map Fragments are collected, they can be turned into a full map to open a portal to the Cold Blood Jungle, the secret lair of the Lizzogoths. Further exploration of the Cold Blood Jungle can lead to the discovery of additional fragments to create higher level maps that lead to deeper areas of the Jungle, and eventually to the Lizzogoth Ziggurat.


    This road map seems pretty badass. I must say tho with the introduction of all these skills the skill lockpicking needs to fall under the category of crafting skills and not count towards your cap. Its a must have to obtain necklaces and bracers. With these new skills a sorcerer is basically going to have to pick up two new skills staff fighting and enlightenment. So we will have to drop our current weapon skill (which is depressing) seeing as staff fighting wont do much damage and one other skill. Sorcery, Meditation, Staff Fighting, Enlightenment, Spiritualism, Spell Defiance and Rejuvenation or maybe Constitution. Thats 7 skills without lockpicking. This also doesnt allow us skill points for the skill shamanism (if i remember right) which is a must have so when we repair our staffs the dura hit isnt insane. I understand you dont necessarily have to take a skill to 100 and there will be different builds but this imho will be the standard. Some people might drop rejuv/constitution for something else like poisoning. The Poison spell sounds really similar to noxious plague is there much of a difference? Obviously nox spreads to other targets. Is poisoning a more powerful single target spell and does noxious plague benefit from poisoning?

    I personally would have rather seen the sorcery skill itself count as a weapon skill in that if I have a staff equipped and I have 90 sorc it acts as if I have 90 in a weapon skill when a melee guy is swinging at me.

    My other question is how are the interrupts being addressed from DOTs on a sorcerer? If I am fighting another sorc (or anyone using a dot) I cant cast a spell until my dot wears off on me. So if I cast noxious plague on you or fire orb (with ehancement staff) all you can do is run until it wears off.

    Ice splinters seems like it will be really powerful too in pvp depending on how much damage it does.

    Anyways these are just my first observations. Keep up the good work! Oh and will we see the math behind these skills? Like how much extra % of healing will we see with max constitution or how much extra damage would the poison spell do if you have max poisoning?


    Will Melee PVP aspect of the game be addressed? Melee desync is making tons of melee builds not viable

  • @Clavicus thank you for your valuable feedback. We are going to get rid of Shamanism in full (for now) and let you repair staffs with low durability loss without requiring any skill. Lockpicking will stay in the cap - we are pushing for character diversification and will implement multiple characters as soon as possible after the Fall Beta. Noxious plague applies a more powerful poison (level 2 to 4) than the Poison spell (level 1 to 3) - but Poison will be a low-level spell with very fast cast time and low mana cost. The whole interrupts business is going to be handled differently when DOTs are involved and yes, you will get all the numbers on the wiki before the release :)

    @cadexn I'm not sure we'll manage to include the new movement handling in the Fall Beta, it's a bigger work than one would think. We will try tho - we hate melee desync as much as you do...


    @Prometheus Awesome thanks for the reply looking forward to getting back in! Anyone reading this road map needs to give Linkrealms a try. Its an awesome sandbox with dedicated devs that appreciates player feedback and has a friendly community. Keep up the good work guys.

  • When does the Fall beta start? and is the server PvE instead of Hardcore?

    edit: nevermind I see the info in the different thread. I actually voted for Hardcore in the poll and regret it. Not interested in competing with players that play 24/7. I hope a PvE server is realeased when the final game comes out. I think the game would be more popular on a PvE server with limited PvP areas. I like PvP but I hink it should be more of an end game thing in end game areas. That's my feedback.


    @MACE Hardcore PVP server would encourage people to move in groups and interact with each other. It would require you to be more prepared and that's what i think why people voted for PvP. but afaik, linkrealms will ultimately be divided into 2 servers PvE and PvP

  • It depends on how many players will play link realms I think . One server is far enough for now I think


    One main reason we're pushing for it Drewrok.. is because alot of us have Characters.. 4 and 5 years old.. on that are finished.. on the other server.. with tons of items .. 6+ months on realms.. ect ect
    Alot of us put a ton of work into it.. and we all kinda got swept under the rug.. when the new beta phases came out


    I personally think there should only be 1 server until we get x population and even then I am afraid when a PVE server comes out that most people will flee to it. I would prefer the 2nd server thats opened to be another phoenix ruleset. The devs worked really hard making phoenix etc etc and i would hate to see it go to waste with a pve server coming out. With that being said... Players like myself who invested time, money, and effort deserve to have their characters moved to phoenix. I had 6 accounts with realms for each and all the goodies from the item shop I could get my hands on and spent countless hours farming for philosopher stones and running blackwood everyday multiple times a day to collect artifacts and nothing to show fo rit now


    From the reactions I read on my PvE thread It doesn't look like to me the community right now is PvE oriented at all.

    Personally I am really looking forward for the PvE server with some adeguates risk vs reward PvP areas.
    In any case as soon as the game gets on steam (since it has been greenlighted it means a good number of people are going to jump in) things will definitely change.

    I suggest devs to launch an EA on steam as soon as closed beta phases are finished, in that way they will not only increment the playerbase, but also earn extra money for the EA access.
    And on steam there will be a good ratio of players looking for a full pvp experience and others for pve, so the servers will be equally balanced.


    There's never been a game in the history of the internet where the pve and pvp servers population are equal. PVE always has a substantial amount more players than pvp because people do not like to lose their pixels. Thats why I dont like the idea of a pve server and i do like the idea of having to farm bless scrolls it seems like a mid ground. However I am concerned that once the game has been out a while everyones gear will be full of blessings although the devs have already stated changes can be made to the system based on the community. Hell even I dont like the idea of losing a piece of gear i farmed forever for.


    @Clavicus said:

    There's never been a game in the history of the internet where the pve and pvp servers population are equal.

    Thats a very pressuposed claim dude. It all depends if the game was built around PvP or not.

    H1z1, Rust, DayZ.

    Yes they are different genre of games but same idea with the full loot.

    Im not gonna turn this into a PvEvPvP war but really............. Are there not already a plethora of PVE themepark MMOS that cater to to that stuff?

    PvE should not even be an option in this game if you ask me. The only reason i can understand it is because im a realist and know the devs can potentially make more wallet for trying to reach a broader audience. I get that, its buisness, gotta make money. Im just a little dissapointed that this kind of talk is already being thrown around and the game isnt even launched yet. im not a a ganker, and no im not even good at PvP. Its the risk vs reward factor. It adds so much to the immersion of free sandbox world and makes the game really something special and personal. But its all a matter of taste

    As for EA on steam. BE careful with that PLEASE......whatever you do dont make the game available to the general public before you think it is ready. That may seem like common sense but you only have 1 strike for EA.


    The games you mentioned have no pvp/pve only servers? I am talking specifically about games.. for example.. like everquest.. massive populations on "care bear" servers and the servers that allowed pvp were not even close to the same population. UO... how many people go to fel compared to trammel? Sure they've made attempts at getting ppl to fel but way more ppl went to trammel than stayed in fel which killed uo for a lot. I bet money if there is an option between a server here you can hold hands safely and fight monsters and an option to get murdered while you hold hands and farm most will chose the first.


    what do you do once you get all the map fragments and turn it into a map? how do you summon the portal?

  • so all future updates did and will do is enhace sorcery which is now to strong,WHAT pure melle builds for pvp? All are using sorcery now cas melle in pvp doesnt exist,sorcery users can easy run away even when cripled by using blinkspell,and dmg that melle does to player is nowhere near as dmg sorcery spells do the enhaced ones,so if u wona have eny chance in pvp ur forced to use sorcery its not an option, its must.

  • @Gorstak Yes sorcery is a lot stronger now, but it still has cast time which can be easily interrupted by burns/archers/spiritualism summons. Sorcery also requires your entire character dedicated to it to be completely effective therefore I don't think its overpowered right now


    @Gorstak . All apologies.... I think you're just using your template incorrectly.. There is no reason why you aren't able to literally crush face with your warrior/spiritualism... You've got decent gear.. , and Fair enough skill level.
    In my honest opinion the warrior is soo strong.. especially if they're vs a mage... The mage has to have Staff fighting or you'll disrupt nearly every spell cast attempted by the mage. .. This paired with your spiritualism, you're able to spam spell interrupts and force the Mage offscreen.
    Id suggest staying a way from skeletal spirit , and if you can , try to always use Nether Oathe.. It's soo strong :) :)


  • @Gorstak You dont know how hard it is to be a mage until youve tried it...i find it funny how much your complaining yet as a mage im struggling to even play the game at all as a solo player. I wasnt able to do more then 20 damage until 50+ know how long that takes? you know that i still can barely fight mobs alone when theres 15 mobs + me? you know that melee players do 20+ damage almost right away? you know that my staff breaks from 54 durability to 0 in three or 4 repairs? you know that it cost me 440 argents for approx 1-2 uses of a repair tool for my staff? i could go on and on....please dont get me started....

    and did you know that every spell uses 2-3 essences and that it cost 2 argents per essence so if i cast 10 spells thats approx 60 argents for those 10 spells?

  • am talking about end game maxed skills and gear,mage does double dmg to warior with enhaced versions then wariors with eny wepons,and yes all mages need have fighting staffs maxed and enlightment,isnt thatabvoius,so maxed skills warior vs maxed skills mage is pure joke in dmg dealing,cas if u didnt knowthere are sorcery afinity equipment which has no cast impairment,so yust gather all pluses for mage and for warior and u will see mage has tons of weys to increase its dmg then wariordoes.So eny noob magehas to do to win vs warior is cas cripling spirit,use blink or run little away then spam bolts and he can keep blinking away while doing that and its a win,and even if warior have maxed wepon skill he will still miss his target and spell wont.

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