Fall Beta (October 31st) - FAQ

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    There have been troubles with emails containing beta keys ending up in Spam / Junk folders, particularly the ones sent to accounts by date of subscription. If you have received no key yet, check out your Spam / Junk folders, and set noreply@linkrealms.com and admin@linkrealms.com as trusted senders!

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    Hi everyone,

    here’s a short post for you with the most important information you need to know about the next testing phase of Linkrealms – the Fall (Closed) Beta!

    When will the test start exactly?

    The closed beta will start on Saturday, October the 31st, 2015, at 9pm CET (3pm EST).

    How long will the test run for?

    The test will run for 2 weeks. Additional time can be added if deemed necessary by the development team.

    Who has access to the Fall Beta?

    Access to the Fall Beta is granted to:

    • Buyers of Founder Packs.
    • Whoever has verified a Beta Key.
    • Old players (accounts created before July 2015).

    I have a beta key, how do I verify it?

    Just visit the account management page. If you are not a Founder, you'll find a box to validate your key. If you still don't have a game account, you can create one on this page any time.

    I'm a Founder / old player, will I receive a key to verify?

    No, and you don't need it - you will simply be able to login when the Fall Beta starts without the need to have verified a key.

    I don't have a key, will I get it?

    Check out this page , help us spread the word about Linkrealms and you will get your key! Moreover, key giveaways will be run on our social pages (Facebook, Twitter and our forums) and gaming news portals. Last but not least, if you are a streamer and/or youtuber who wants to cover Linkrealms, just write an email to contact@linkrealms.com to ask for a key, linking to your channel and discussing of how you want to cover the game.

    If you haven't managed to get a key in any of the ways described above, don't lose hope! One-time keys (valid to play only during the Fall Beta) will be sent the week before the launch of the Fall Beta to players randomly selected among registered accounts.

    How do I download the client?

    The link to download the client is publicly available on the website on this page. However, please mind that you can't play Linkrealms while a Beta is not running unless you purchase a Prince Founder Pack, which allows you to play on the Test server.

    Will the game server be wiped / reset after the Fall Beta?

    Our plan is not to wipe the server, meaning that when each Beta Test is launched, you'll be able to start where you left in the end of the previous test. Because of this, you'll be also able to buy credits and claim stakes from the item shops.

    Is there a NDA? Can I stream/make videos of Linkrealms?

    There is no NDA. You are free to stream the game, upload videos, images, blog posts, and show / discuss Linkrealms every way you like!

    How many servers will be active during the test? With what ruleset?

    Our aim for the Fall Beta is to have both a Hardcore server (from the Summer Beta) and a Classic server. However, this is strongly dependent on the time constraints we are facing and the size of the userbase. Therefore, it's possible that the Fall Beta will be launched with a single server, using the Hardcore ruleset.

    Thank you all for your attention and see you soon on Linkrealms!


    When will Prince purchaser's be able to access Test?


    @PingPongLR said:

    When will Prince purchaser's be able to access Test?

    Hopefully soon?


    any minute now.. just do what I do and try to log in every 60 seconds


    is there a founder god title i can buy an play game right now???? :) /bored


    @Clavicus said:

    is there a founder god title i can buy an play game right now???? :) /bored

    The test server for FOUNDER:PRINCE should be open this week, the devs are working feverishly to get it finished and ready for us.

  • It's live, it's live... Enjoy!


    @Prometheus said:

    It's live, it's live... Enjoy!

    prom could we get the list of commands for the test server?

    also everything is free in store right?

  • @Aries said:

    @Prometheus said:

    It's live, it's live... Enjoy!

    prom could we get the list of commands for the test server?

    also everything is free in store right?

    All your questions are answered in the FAQ thread in the Princes' Speech section :)

  • At the moment it's 10cet, and the server hasn't started...
    Something gone wrong ? :(

  • It starts at 9PM CET is why it's not started yet.

  • @Mabugg I'm from Belgium and we don't use the PM or AM or CET timethingies :)
    Here it's 10:20 in the morning, oh wait...does 9pm mean in the evening ? :)


    @Mantala That's correct, it would be in the evening, 9PM CET.

  • It will start in one hour and 5 minutes. the post above said that it will begin t 3pm Est which is in 1 hour and 5 minutes. :-)


    Yay! :D fireworks

  • waiting with 4 eyes ;)


    yup... longest 27 minutes of my life|

  • @confusion meeee tooooooooo....25 minutes to go


    tic tac tic tac tic tac

  • Guys.. I'm here to possibly burst your bubble and add an extra 60 minutes of painful waiting.



    If you look at EDT it would seem theres only around 15 minutes left, but strictly speaking right now its 13:46 EST (not EDT) and 19:46 CET

    Would be nice to have an official word on this, though i guess its no big deal, I'll just spam login for an hour

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