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    I don't anything about the map editor and I don't know how to use it. The wiki don't have anything about it and I would really like to have some videos on Youtube showing how to use the Map editor. So please anyone notice and help if you can. I would really like to have a realm, but if I don't know how to make my realm it isn't that funny.. :(


    Hello Lichester, If i get some time today I will create a basic tut for it, show how to use it. As for building a realm, for me the fun is about leaning the way to build what works well with that and so on, I think you will do well . After I record the video I'll post a link here to it.


    Okay thx alot @soyouarefree ! Can't wait to get some more knowledge about Realm building.


    NP, I have some things to do around my house and i should be-able to record edit and upload it tonight around 9:30 PM EST. Assuming every thing goes well with my work, at any rate I'd say get the editor and play around with it. If you have any questions on how to do something must reply to this post and Ill respond asap. Happy building !!


    Sounds Awesome. Is there any way I can see though layers? Fx. if I have a basement and want to change something in the basement. Can I then like scroll down to that layer or how does that work? If I like to do something below as it is right now. I have to remove the things on top..

  • You have two vertical sliders on the left hand side. The bottom one raises and lowers the grid (useful for placing upper floors). The one above it controls your view, and raising and lowering it will allow you to view different floors.

    There's a couple of options to hide the walls. You can hide wall from the menu along the top, or you can select one block, then select all identical, then hide selected.

    Note that the more wall blocks you have, the more the frame rate in your realm will suffer.

    You can make some really cool effects with various lanterns and relays, where the lights cycle on and off. WHen one lamp comes on, set it to turn on the next lamp after a second or two, and/or turn of the previous lamps.

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