Hay All :-) couple of questions :-)

  • Hay everyone :-)

    Old school UO player and dev of an Osi99 rep shard back in the day and have a couple of questions :-)

    As I said I'm old school Osi99 so my first question is about PVP, does the combat have any skilful, tactical and combo/clever elements to it such as instahit n precast mixed with wrestling combo breakers n explo combo combos etc? Anything like that or some other forms of clever combat here which would make me feel like I'm playing a combination of chess and Tekken that I used to feel! :-)

    I'm also a little confused, is the game live with a full loot full pvp server right now? I see a lot of the word beta around but also people saying they were here 3yrs ago so I'm curious what the current state of the game/servers is? :-)

    Thx a lot for ya time everyone :-)


    Yes .. there is insta- hit

  • Hi @Zirus-Blackheart , nice to see another lover of the old school around! :) The game is live only during beta testing phases - the next one, named Fall Beta, is starting on the 31st of October. Have a look here for more information:


    Otherwise, if you have purchased a Prince Founder Pack you can also play on a Test Server (which is our staging server, where QA tests new features) when Betas are not running.

  • Ah ok, I think I'll wait till its live :-) it'll mean it won't take up time I should be spending on my dissertation too hshah :-D

    Also, I find it hard to believe there is instahit ;-) I was asking for a little info on the combat rather than a troll comment heheh :-)

    P.s. Is a Mac version planned?

    Cheers :-)

  • https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCcCUhaM6uJq37mkYLWwijeQ

    OMFG, Just watched leson 1 PVP basics by Jarkos....... I stand corrected! Instahit and explo delay! :-D


    I'm not sure how much more of an in depth answer you were looking for than a straight forward yes...The insta hit mechanic is pretty self explanatory.
    and yes there is explosion delay.. aswell with our own version of E-Bolt.
    Which makes synchronized spell casting possible in group Pvp.


    This post is deleted!

  • Yes my apologies confusion but an answer like that, in this day and age just shouts lies to me, seen stupid answers on other games etc so assumed it was the same. This is why i was asking if there was anything like it as i never expected it to acutally be here :-D

    Very much looking forward to joining when you guys go live :-D

    Could you point to me to the thread with the latest info on possible release dates etc please?

    Cheers :-)

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