Prince Test Server - Public FAQ

  • Hi everyone,

    here’s a short post for you with the most important information you need to know about the Test Server if you're thinking about buying a Prince Founder Pack!

    Is the Test Server always online?

    Yes, besides when a testing phase (like the Summer Beta, Fall Beta, etc) is running. However, please realize that since this is a test environment it's possible to have prolonged downtimes on some days, even lasting more than 24 hours in extremely serious cases.

    Will the Test Server be wiped?

    Yes, it will. It's impossible to tell how often, but it will happen from time to time. Being a test environment, it's naturally more subject to bugs than the live servers - and the likelihood of a rollback/wipe depends on that too. Don't get too attached to your items! :)

    I have a second account, can I log into the Test Server with that one too?

    No, you can't. Only the account through which a Prince pack has been purchased can be used to access the Test Server.

    Do we have special powers on the Test Server?

    Yes. You can set your skills, stats and souls. You can find more information in the Princes' Speech section.

    Do we have free credits on the Test Server?

    Yes you do. You can find more information in the Princes' Speech section.

    Do we find our Founder items on the test server?

    No, your founder items have been generated only on Beta server(s). It would make little sense to receive them on the Test server too anyway, because of the possible rollbacks and wipes.

    Will we be able to transfer our characters to a live server?

    I guess you already know the answer to this: nope :)

    Can we ask admins to generate items for us?

    Yes you can. You might also be asked to please take new items and use them for testing purposes. There is nothing bad with that - no one expects you to spend months to gear up characters on the test servers, and high-level balancing needs to be tested too! Just don't forget admins are not there to be used as item-generating machines ;)

    What ruleset does the Test Server use?

    The Hardcore ruleset, with a couple small variations (the global chat is available and the old-style /who command too).

    Thank you all for your attention and enjoy the test server!

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