Viability of prospecting, personal realm and mount questions...


    Hello there

    In real life i really like metal detecting and treasure hunting overall, so naturaly in Linkrealms prospector focused gameplay is a must for me. So i wonder how is this viable? How many and how valuable treasures can be find throught Prospecting? Is there places where prospecting can yield better/different treasure? Or every world tile have same loot table?

    Another question is about realm ownership... What happen if my claim stake expires? What happen to items that are in my chest, house etc?
    For example if i have founder bank box at my realm and my claim stake expires can someone just stole it? Or it just disapear? Without chance to reclaming it?

    Does Linkrealms feature mounts?

    Thats all folks, thanks and have a nice day :)

    PS: Sorry for my english :)


    Mounts are coming eventually, All you Chests, Items in the Chests and Realm "Layout" stay saved. So when you re-buy a claim stake it will re-appear. However, you may have to re-upload your realm you built.

    Prospecting: Can be very fun and and an admired profession considering; some areas are more fluent in treasures than others. You will find gold dust, nuggets, and gold artifacts. The best things you can find are gems and items used to create powerful artifacts.

    P.S. If your realm expires and you "had" it in a good location, chances are it will be claimed and you will have to find another location. But all of your items will come with it - sometimes takes 24hrs for them to appear.


    Thanks :) Sounds good

    Can you give me an example of a treasure rich location or just something better than riverbank? Also, where i can buy metal detector?

  • MagicWalker,

    Where u from dude ?


    I think Blacksmiths sometimes sell Metal Dectors: 1200-3k Argents.

    One of the better locations is the "Guano Pit" - The bottom level of the Troll Cave.



    to JaKa : I am from czech republic (central europe)


    So i finaly got Metal dector, but i really dont know how that thing works in this game :)


    The red dot will blink and make sound when you get close to something. when you get on top of it gets more intense


    Ok after messing around with Metal Detector(MD) i find some interesting facts/theories (at least for me)...

    If you enter a new realm and use MD on the ground you should hear sound(you will not hear sounds in safe zones), if you hear sound then that means somewhere in this realm is one hidden treasure that you can reveal with MD.
    So you randomly (or systematically) search realm until you hear double sounds and see double red dots, this mean that somewhere in vicinity of (aprox) 5x5 tiles is treasure.
    After more detailed search you struck treasure marked with green dots and loud sound. It can be anything, just one thing or jars and chests, filled with multiple things but treasure must contain at least one metal thing.
    After you dug up your find a new treasure is spawn in same zone, somewhere...
    Some realms have more free space than others (without many big obstacles) this leads me to suspicion that treasure hunting in realms with less free space is better since treasure can only spawn on a tile without obstacles...

    You can find MANY things, from junk like screws that cant be looted throught rusty horseshoes, silver/brass/gold warez, gold nuggets in different sizes, trinkets, diffrent quality of coins, ardents, trinkets, skulls and i believe MUCh more...

    There few diffrent things that bothers me a little...
    Using metal detector will not increase you prospecting skill :(
    If you start detecting in new zone, you have no idea where to go, system will not give any aprox direction in you search :(

    Also bear in mind that above information are MOSTLY theories....

    edit: Can someone guide me to some small realm? Not a dangerous one :)


    The metal detector is meant to be used at higher levels due to it doesn't give you the xp for it. You pretty much have to be lvl 100 to really enjoy it

  • Metal detecting is NOT rewarding at all. Time vs profit, you can make better money doing anything else.

    There is only one "special" prospecting place, the one you need the gas mas for. The rewards aren't any higher, but you can find 3 other items there. A mushroom that makes your character glow (useless, but very cool), a whetstone for repairing weapons, and a demon sword or something.

    Panning the sand from the lizzgoth chests give good prospecting exp to max your prospecting level.

  • Imagine this.

    You have a rod of metal detection.

    You find a coin.

    On this ancient coin you see directions to a tomb.

    Outside this tomb you search a bit and find a metal figurine of a lion holding a giant 2 handed sword and directions to a mountain top.

    After searching for a bit on the mountain top you find a chest with a legendary 2 handed sword!

    Now imagine if all the stuff up top where extremely random, in chance and location somewhere in the world (there was TONS of secret spots basically, like thousands)

    Now imagine if you could randomly come across the legend sword first if you were lucky enough! Or the idol. Or maybe even the coin is lucky enough.

    The grand prizes could be legend like weapons, statues that can sell for TONS of gold, Old ancient magical tokens that you can put in your house to do various things.

    Basically fun buried treasure hunts using a rod of metal detection like a metal detector. With both jackpots and hints to jackpots.


    @Vengeance said:

    Metal detecting is NOT rewarding at all. Time vs profit, you can make better money doing anything else.

    Sadly i must agree, doing something else will give you better money + increase your stats + skills...

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