To Questor (or who it may concern) Original LinkRealms member/alpha tester here

  • Hey it's me Fobosk aka Teefa. I was one of the original and oldest alpha testers of this game. It's great to see the game has a new life and website. It looks great by the way!

    My question is regarding the money I put into the game prior to this relaunch. I cannot log into my old account and I had donated over 50$ which I am more than happy I did.

    I always wanted to see the game come more to life. Will I be able to play the next patch as a "founder"? And will I have the money I have spent in my account ? Please pm me or e-mail me and let me know. Great seeing you all and goodbye for now!


    Right^ I have been playing for several years, Bought a prince pack.

  • You bought a "new pack" after giving them lots of money in the past?


    Yeah that is what I did "teefa." :P

  • Hi @teefa , nice to see a veteran like you back here! :)

    Your old account is still intact. The reason you cannot login might be due to the fact we improved our security systems and therefore all old players have to create new password - you can do it here:

    If you don't remember / no longer have access to your old email, please get in touch with providing a proof of your identity as valid owner of the account.

    Having an old account doesn't make you a Founder - you need to purchase a pack for that - but nothing you have spent in the past is lost: when the first Beta PvE server is launched, you'll find your old character again with all its items.

    On a side note, Questor has left Mythyn Interactive for a couple of years now. The development team is all new besides the old good Rewolf :)

    See you soon in game!


    I <3 Rewolf!

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