A masked figure approches!

  • Greetings children of the many realms! I come before you all with excitement and faith that I may call these realms my home. I have wandered long and hard in search of sanctuary for myself and those I hold dear and alas I have hope again. These realms look very promising and I am anxious to experience life in them .

    I enjoy roleplaying inside of games like these, which allow endless possibilities and fun. I will definitely try the PvP hardcore servers and aspire to form a barony or county dedicated to protecting the innocent and hunting down those who would take advantage of them. Ideally, I'd love to see a true feudal system in the hardcore PvP server, but if that is too much to ask in a grand scale, I will try to do it at least as a countess.

    The best part of a sandbox MMO is that everyone can find fun in their own ways. If you see my companions and I in-game, feel free to roleplay with us! We are friendly! So long as you aren't a filthy bandit!

    P.S. If anyone plans on having a massive clan/guild and proclaiming themselves king/queen, I hereby swear fealty to them for as long as they mean to keep order in the realm, rather than chaos.

  • I like your style. If i player kill you I wont steal your loot.

  • If things go as I have planned, you would gain more from kidnapping and ransoming than you would looting me lol. I believe roleplayers would gladly give up wealth in the event that someone provides them a very nice story to be a part of.

    Thank you for not looting me though :)

    Also if I establish a retinue of knights, none of them would be looting anyone (other than those who have broken the law), and even then, if the law breakers have stolen goods from any of our citizens, the goods would be returned at no cost to them.

    Given our roleplay nature, we probably won't be able to compete with any hardcore raiding clan/guild and so we will probably send diplomats to every major clan/guild and try to from a non-aggression pact so that the roleplaying in the game can be preserved. Other than large scale wars with massive guilds/clans, we actually would welcome players to come and try to be bandits, theives, murderers, etc in our area lol.

    A law breaker, depending on the crime and the witnesses, may be granted a trial and even win the trial if they are clever enough. So there is plenty of room for Roleplaying a criminal with us, if you like that sort of stuff. :P

  • Oh welcome then! I like your post :)

  • @Sauphiadra Maybe we can try to meet up in game? id like to discuss a few ideas a little further :-)

  • @mrari Thank you for having interest in me lol but the unfortunate truth is that I haven't been active in this game. Not that there is anything wrong with the game, I just don't think I can dedicate the time or fulfill my ambitions in it currently.

    I haven't been active in the forums either, the only reason I saw your message is because a good friend told me on steam lol

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