FREE BETA KEY up for grabs!!!!

  • Hay all :-)

    I have been kindly given a BETA KEY by the staff but as the game isn't Mac compatible and my PC is dead I've decided to give the key to someone who would be able to make much better use of it :-D

    Please post the name of the person you think should have the key below and NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF! :-D

    I'll count the votes in a few days/week n whoever has the most gets the key! :-D

    Good Luck!

  • [Edit: My friend, Tenebrosity already got a Beta Key. Thanks anyways!]

    When you say a few days/weeks I hope you before the beta starts on Saturday (2 days)? That would be such a tease to not get to be in the beta while waiting for a free beta key lol

    Thank you for the opportunity! I'd like to nominate the player Tenebrosity, a friend of mine.

    I'm not sure how the voting system will work, or why anyone would vote for my friend (who they do not know) lol or why I would vote for any of their friends if I wanted my friend to win. There isn't anything remarkable to say that would encourage the good citizens of Linkrealms to vote for my friend rather than another person, and to be honest I don't think any one person deserves it more than another, regardless of what sad story we can come up with.

    It might be more fair to randomly select someone. :)


    LOL I know tenebrosity from shadowbane we played it religiously last winter. We're also playin Crowfall.

  • Hi dude,

    i'm from Brazil and I bought the basic founder package...

    I'd like to nominate the player Samambaia, a friend of mine. He's also brazilian and have no money in the moment to buy a key.. Is quite insane for Brazilian people buy it... 1 DOLLAR = 4 BRL (REAIS)

    We came from UO Classic... (since 2001)

    Would you guys please help him?



  • Sauphidra it so not about people giving sad story's etc it's that if there are many players that all want this one person to get the key then they should get it coz they are likely to be Somme that will really use it over someone random who might take 1 look at the game after logging in and decide to quit, that's all :-)

    I just want it to go to someone who will appreciate it and someone who many of the current players wish was playing too :-)

    And yeah, if the beta opens sat I'll give the key out sat for sure :-)


    I nominate my friend ovegatron he has been wanting to play this game for a long time. He has seen me play it and really likes it


    pLZ give it to him, ez pk stay ez


    not really i would mow you over on the test server. and allow me this opportunity to introduce zycor the most hated creature in linkrealms. If linkrealm players had titles like in UO zycor would be a scoundrel.

  • i vote for ovegatron too

  • I nominate myself so i guess that makes 3 votes for me ;) been wanting to play this game for sometime... looks like im winning so thanks in advance


    actually thats 4 votes for you because technically zycor voted for you too

  • I can be reached at

  • Looks like we have a winner! :-D

    I'll pm ovegatron now :-)

  • Thank you Zirus for the beta key and my voters. Ill see you in the realms

  • No worries man :-)
    Enjoy! :-D

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