• I like to solo mostly. And I like PvP. I hope I can train 3 wolves to follow me around. And I hope I can train 1 wolf to stay at a distance and cast chains on my enemy, and maybe poison, and maybe heal allies. Then 2 wolfs to learn to attack as fast and as viciously as they can. Like trained to have increase attack speed and dammage and less defense.

    THEN i want to train all 3 how to hide when I hide. And I want to have a REALLY big 2 handed hammer. And when my pvp enemies walk past my ambush I want to crack someone in the head and have all 3 of my wolves pop out of hiding and start helping me pwn.

  • Hi @dirtpoor , wolves will not available in this Beta, but we are aiming to getting them live in the next one :) Anyway, they will be able to cast a wide range of spells and perform combat maneuvers according to your commands, their training and the armor you have put on them :)

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