I think it would be unwise to make more than 2 shards :-)

  • Hay :-)

    I think it would be unwise to make more than 2 shards (1 Twammy and 1 Felucia to use UO terms).

    I think it wouldn't be a good idea to have any more than that because it will spread the playerbase too thinly and as we know we are now in a very small market so keeping the shard as full as possible , imho, should be a BIG priority :-)

    Cheers for reading :-)


    yup, i agree..... 2 is the magic number.

  • Hi Zirus, currently we only have 2 servers planned indeed. More can be quickly opened in the future if needed :)

    On a side note, by "2 servers planned" I mean for future Beta phases. This one will still only have one - the Hardcore server :)

  • EXCELLENT! :-D I'm loving this place more and more each day :-D

    I look forward to the release!..... Gonna have to organise a PC it would seem hehe :-)

  • I think one server is the way ... who needs the second? it all depends on how many player we are... at the opening only 100 i saw!

  • Yes, just 1 hardcore server at the start is recomended to not split our small community.

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