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  • Good afternoon fellow linkrealm players.
    I have not played the game yet, but I will be with all of you during the fall beta.
    During the time between now and the end of beta I will learn as much as I can and try to communicate with as many people as possible while I'm online.
    So to make it easier I'm starting my own guild.
    The name of my guild is Wizards Logic. I plan on being informative, along with helping my future guildmates with moving forward in the game and in general.
    My name is The Wizard(not really), i'm twenty years old. I work in a coffee shop, and now I'm a Guild Master.

    Recruitment Requirements
    16 Years of age +.
    -Not really going to be enforced, I don't care.
    Mature behavior towards all players and admins
    -If you're going to PVP, really dedicate yourself to being as professional as possible. Kill them, take their stuff, bank it, repeat.
    -Bragging isn't mature man. You gotta act graciously in times of victory.
    -Think through what you're about to say and do, the devs have logs.
    -Begging isn't mature. This game has nothing to do with personal needs, you have the power to make your own fortune in a months time.
    Participation in forum discussions and in game events.
    -How else are you going to make your fortune other than participation?
    Be online at least one hour a week is my definition of active, that's 52 hours of the year. Enough to be a seasoned, and helpful linkrealms player.
    -Or you will be kicked from the guild. In the event that I don't show up for a week or more, somebody else will continue as Guild Master

    Well that's all. Other than that there are no restrictions or regulations other than the ones dictated by the devs themselves.

    Good day.

  • Good luck with your guild!

    Maybe yours will become one of the largest lol

  • Good luck! Once I get some play time under my belt I may form a guild as well, so I'll see you out in the playing field. :)

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