UO nostalgic here ;)


    Hi everyone,
    i'm a 35y old guy from Switzerland and I'm really glad that tomorrow - the hopes of finding finally a MMO to enjoy, explore and spend the next years with it - will shine again!
    I played for 6 years daily Ultima online between 2000 and 2006, and it was such a great time. LinkRealms looks to be the new adventure I was looking for. I tried so many MMO's but nothing gave me the same flavour and feeling I was searching.
    I really hope LinkRealms will be the missing treasure I am looking for! ;)
    See you tomorrow in-game!

  • I spy a spider.

    An itsy bitsy spider.

    Beta is hardcore PvP server only so you will have to play with me for now lol :)

  • Hi Spider3,

    I'm 28y old and from Brazil and I came from UO as well... but I played it almost 12 years (2001~2012)... i've been searching this "same flavour" for a long time, in many MMO's over there... but nothing I repeat, NOTHING could replace the UO... I really hope that LinkRealms can do that...

    I'm very excited for the launching tomorrow.. See you online!!

    What's your nick name in-game?



    Hi ;) Great, i'm sure a lot of UO nostalgics will jump on it..especially when it gets released on steam!
    I will be Kerkyon in-game ^^


    Nice..!!! alot of us are old UO players.
    Can't wait to see ya in game, along with everyone else!


    I've never experienced UO sadly or anything of the sort; I played a few of the old school MMO's like Everquest though. From what I've seen this game looks great and has a lot of potential, really hoping to get stuck in and enjoy this one!

  • That's a tragedy Malkioni, I definitely recommend giving the private shards a look, such as T2A


    UO was great til it got all weird and crap, you know what I mean, and then it just keeps getting stranger.
    I'd probably play UO still if they have classic server not just siege perilous I mean no blessed items, no artifacts. I suppose EA would be admitting they failed if they did so. edit: guess its Broadsword now.


    Yes, you definitely should check some private shards.
    I tried to go back to official servers few months a go but it's really.. "empty" and economy totally fucked up.
    The only bad things of private shards is that you never know how long they will run, and if admins are loyal (i heard stuff about just "removing" the home of a player to sell the lot to another one).. but there are definitely some serious shards.
    UO development now that is not in Origin hands anymore continues pretty well and there will be a release on steam soon or later..IF they will do a steam dedicated server where everyone will start from scratch...don't miss this opportunity!


    I looked into playing it over the past week or so in preparation for this but I think I'm just going to get my UO fix here with the great community we seem to have.

  • I only played Private servers that had the t2a era and ext. My favorite was UOhybrid but after Admin abuse I quit. I moved to UO renaissance and loved it to death. I strongly suggest it to any players who loved Old school UO.


    OUR NEW HOME is here now =D hopefully ;)


    I had soo much fun on UO with organized Pvp.
    I would call targets for groups when fielding.
    Synchronized spell casting with coordination on targets.

    There was honestly no better feeling, than running around with 2 other mages, (3 total mages)
    And being able to take on groups of 5 or greater.. just from tight positioning. and picking of targets who over extend or get caught out of position.

    I played Chessapeake and Test Center haha OSI 97-98 untill pub 16 realease.. which was like 02 or so If I'm correct with the implementation of the AoS ( Age of Shadows ) expansion.. Thats when i stopped playing.
    I also played a ton of free servers from 03-04untill about 09-10

    I'd only play UO:R (T2A.. delucia., papua)
    or pre UO:R (instahit.. heal through poison)

    Never really played any AoS or above.. that would include pirate or samurai.

  • UO VET here too :)

    Im from Atlantic HOT/HEAT guild!

    See you in-game guys!


    I played Chesapeake from 98 to around 08 on and off. Still my all time favorite game. First day i played I ran around exploring. Some random guy I didn't know sold me a horse and i was hooked.. I was then killed.. had the option of placing a bounty.. which why the hell not! If you kill me I want a price on your head! So I made it as high as possible.. around 2k.. and then I went to my bank later and it dawned on my I placed a bounty of all the gold I had on his head :( lol.

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