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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a mature Roleplay guild to join, I'm a 32y old male Belgian player who also adore(s)(d) ultima online so so so so much ! And still do.
    My hopefully goals : to become a well known crafter in all kinds of ways, and also joining in to do some dungeons as well.
    Interested in someone like me ? Contact me with some information about the guild you are starting!

    Thanks !

  • Hey I'm Belgian too (not that has anything to do with anything) but if you like the concept of my guild (look at the thread i made) and you think it's combinable with your idea (i used to run a 200 man guild on Rift's only RP Realm i believe the realm was called Argent Dawn.

  • I plan on making a roleplaying guild myself. I just want to actually understand the game a bit more before I start recruiting lol

    Mine would be more of a feudal system though.

  • @Aeneas-Skyless
    Okay that's so lovely!!
    Count me in, and a brother of crafts will join your side!!

  • @Mantala

    Wow, that's great. Didn't expect it to go so easily. But then we will comply very well since I'm probably not gonna be a crafter right away.
    See you in-game? I'm about to make my character .. : ) Add me "Skyless" I'll add "Mantala" guessing that that will be your character.


    What would that mean to you specifically having a guild as a "feudal system"? What will u delegate and subdivide ? Riches, duties, guild permissions? In Albion I ran a guild with a 60-70% tax rate (only on monsters' cash-pick-ups), and everyone was happy with that and wanted me to keep it like that or raise it even higher. Cause I never misused the money. So is that feudality in a game for you or ? You can join up with us untill you've learned what you wanted to learn and then create your guild from there on out ! Or whatever ! :D

    this post is getting way too long for what is,,, i should really be logging in and creating my character now

  • Well the guild itself would only be those directly employed by me, for example soldiers, council, mayor, a head wizard, etc. Every citizen wouldn't be part of the "guild" but would be protected by the guild, as in anyone could join without officially dedicating to anything or being approved by anyone. They just show up on what we claim as our territory and follow or break our established laws lol

    Every citizen who resides in the territory would be taxed appropriately, which would in-turn pay the soldiers and guards who protect them and uphold the law. Depending on how large the community got, politics would emerge, as well as minor internal guilds (merchants, thieves, bounty hunters, etc.)

    I wouldn't tax anything on monsters or cash pick up. I'd imagine taxes would be proportionate to a citizen's business income, so the more they make in the community, the higher their taxes. Nothing that would feel unfair. Just enough to be able to pay the upkeep on the guild's expenses as well as extra to give out quests/missions and host events regularly. Ultimately, it all goes back to the people and in the event that the liege is being tyrannical or selfish, I'm sure a rebellion would be provoked.

    I'm still not sure if I will do this though. Still messing around in the game to see if I like it. :P

  • Aight, well your vision on tax is basically the same as mine you're just wording it differently and as I said in the post before, everybody loved our system cause all of it went back to the people it came from :) Best of luck, anyways, hope you enjoy your stay!
    Gonna finally spend some time playing now, then

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