Where are servers placed?

  • Hey, I would like to support your game by buiying founder pack...but if game doesnt haveny any european server. So, I think that I won't. I don't like high pings


    Hi Harugawa..
    Glad to see you're here!.. This game is actually geared around players with lower end computers and internet that isn't soo great.
    You're actually able to have an amazing gaming experience in game.. even if you're location is far away from the server location.
    A large number of the player base currently playing LinkRealms, Are players from other countries.
    I hope to see you in game!


    Harugawa, You will find patch updates are only about 1.5-5mb Downloads. However are HUGE in content I dont knowhow they do it!

    Also my bandwith drops down to 512kb/sec and I run fine playing Linkrealms.


    Just my two cents on the whole latency side of things, I play from the UK and have had no problems with any kind of lag. In fact it's been the most responsive game I've ever played which is truly amazing considering the facts.

    Overall, if not wanting high pings is the only problem then don't worry about it, buy yourself a founders pack and get stuck in!

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