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    I was a big rares-hunter in UO and it was amazing to trade and travel the world in search of collectibles, rares and unique items (purely cosmetic uh, not going to start a P2W topic :P).

    I used to have my own museum with rares exposed.

    In UO there was different kind of rares:

    • Server birth rares (only spawned once when server opened first time. Where? That was a secret! It could be an item on a table inside a NPC home that could be dragged in inventory, or hidden in a chestbox in the wood, ..)
    • Yearly and monthly rares (spawning only once a month/year in a know location..it was always a big "rares hunters lag party")
    • Unique items given only for certain events or holidays (easter, xmas, etc)

    I really hope to see such things in Linkrealms as well in the future ^_^

  • I remember trying to drag and pick up every single object in every home for the hopes of a rare... I once got a fruit basket and accidentally double-clicked (and ate) it T__T


    ahahha =D that was an expensive meal for those times ;) <3


    No, However some special items can be given in Admin Run events. Also the Taratoss Boss is said to have Special Capes/Items that are very hard to come by, and sometimes special items placed on them. Being that it is the hardest part of the game.


    thanks for the update ;) fair enough ^^


    Ohhh, Being that you like treasure hunting: Lockpicking would be fun for you. It takes a lot of time and patience but you seem to have that. You can make a lot of money lockpicking, some special "housing items" spawn in chests. Also Jewlery: which can only be found in Chests. Umm and the Lizzogoth in the Dark Forrest have unique items After you get some lvl 2 maps! -Forgot those have been implemented now. Good Luck!


    I noticed already how much pain is to train lockpicking in LR :D
    But that's the way to go...no rewards without effort! ^^

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