Before I enter and try the game, a word from the best.


    Hello, my name is Raserei and I am a hardcore MMORPG player. Been playing MMO's religiously since "The Realm". Let me just skip forward and save the 6 year long rant and say this; the MMORPG market right now is dead. Every game thrown out is watered down crap. Most titles just have a linear quest system with 90% solo content and claim its an MMORPG. I think developers have lost there way with this genre.

    With that said, I am happy to try Linkrealms out pretty soon here. I will be posted some real feedback after playing it a bit. If I like it or I don't like it, I will give my honest view.

  • Hi @raserei , we are definitely not "watered down" - we are a super concentrate of old school! See you in game! ;)


    There is almost no quest bias here. If you like Old School Mmorpg and having the chance of being killed anywhere you are in popular locations you have found the right place. This game is not Pay to play either.

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