Where do I get new weapons?

  • Like bow or crossbow?
    I wasted about 2 hours running around like a turd.
    Nobody answers questions in game. Feels so lonely and makes me just wanna press logout button. >_> even mini map doesnt shows any shops


    Blacksmiths in starter cities have weapons... Also you can find many weapons in dungeon, graveyard for example is great for newbies...

  • and how's he going to get argents to buy a weapon if he doesn't have one to begin with to kill things?


    you can get a lot of weapons by simply lockpicking level 0 chests in the graveyard by town

  • Take a sword and kill monsters 👾 . U will find better equipment little by little. There is a lot of equipment outside the safe area in the bandit and lizzogoth camp ...but beware ok pks there are a lot of them too... So go with others if u don't want to be slaughtered xD


    are you still look for a weapon to fight with or did you get help ?

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