Was the game supposed to look old?

  • From all the videos, I see that it looks cartoonish and very old school. Is that intended? It looks like another, very much older, game called: Valkyrie

    As crazy as it sounds, the videos I've seen make it look like a modern copy!

  • Eheh the old school look is on purpose, but personally I don't see such a similarity between the graphics of Linkrealms and those of Gauntlet :) I mean, I guess you could find a similarity between Gauntlet and most of isometric games, but not Linkrealms in particular.

    As far as the gameplay goes, it definitely has little to do with Gauntlet which was only a dungeon crawler ;)


  • The link you posted was one of those I looked at already. Taking a second look at it the game also reminds me of Maxis's 'The Sims'. Mind you, not what it eventually turned into, but the original version.


    I think for what it is, it looks fine. A lot of the art/stuff in the game, like UO. All those art assets can be expensive esp for a small company.


    Honestly... the pictures and videos that are currently out only show a small portion of actual graphics the game has to offer.. some of the in game effects and graphics look far superior than what's being portrayed

  • Dont judge the book by its cover.

  • I think it looks pretty good! But the game has so much more to offer than graphics! When i think about everything i can do in game i dont even think a second about graphics haha

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