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    Hit me up, I've been playing this game for years it's definitely a good game. I was on the last server Phoenix, it had PVP enabled and it was pretty fun. It's really easy to escape pvp in a 1v1 situation, well placed ganks are what get people. Playing this game over time has shown lots of work/improvements from the devs.

    If you like UO and you played DFO (not DFUW trash) then you'll like this game. I recommend 2h Mace or Xbow for pvp since they both chunk hard and have a slow/stun.

    PM me for mumble info, we'll make a crew for pk/building a base. We were members of GPS/SGS/WICKED from DFO.

  • Been a while since I played Linkrealms. It is indeed a pretty cool game.

    Played DFO back in the day, name was Wewtonvom Blitzkrieger.

    P.S. I like the new forum!


    I played DFO and I have a character on DF 2.0 Have you played Darkfall lately? it's basically just like the original now. They took away skill cap. I am a PK and looking for a group to roll with.

  • I played DFO from release mate, but was EU at the server split. I didn't play for almost a year prior to it shutting down though. A world that feels populated in an MMO is a big deal to me, and this was literally the one and only thing DFO didn't have.. Well, that and the huge skill and character progression gap between vets and noobs. I felt like I couldn't ask my friends to try the game unless someone quit and I had a pre-built account to give them. This was a huge entry barrier for DFO imho.
    When LinkRealms opens and I've figured stuff out on my own for a while (I dunno why I enjoy starting a new MMO solo for the first few hours), I'll most likely chuck you guys a PM come say hello and see if I wanna roll with yous :)

  • DFO combat was way better. That's not what is killing the game though. Devs don't seem to know how to create logical loot tables amoung other things. Not enough manpower.

  • I played darkfall for quite some time. Big fan of sandbox mmo looking for a group to roll with when it launches!

  • I will admit that DFO and UW wasn't what I was expecting when reading about the game for years on the forums though. After the first year of the game anyway when the population went small it felt like the only thing to do was PvP and it wasn't really a sandbox as such. But man, DFO just did this so well... You had so many skills for all kinds of different situations... Twitch combat... All kinds of movement tricks to the extent you could do parkour and climb mountains, travel at speedhacker speeds bunnyhopping (although it took you to 1HP so you had to be very careful)... It was my FPS as much as it was my MMORPG tbh.

    You guys do realise a group of 44 developers are in talks to buy a lisence to run DFO, right? I'd actually play hardcore again if it could held1k concurrent users peak. This won't be happening for a good while though so don't get your hopes up n shit. :P

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