Datacenter Network Failure - Server Back Up

  • A network failure has just taken place on the Canadian datacenter that hosts the Linkrealms game servers and web resources.

    The datacenter is cut off the internet - and so are we. Our deepest apologies - we are keeping in touch with our host and will keep you up to date in realm time.

    UPDATE 7.15pm CET

    Our host informs that the location of the cut in the optical fiber that leads to the datacenter has been found and a team has been deployed to repair it.

    UPDATE 10.40pm CET

    We are BACK ONLINE!

    Since the broken fiber of our host hasn't been restored yet (only an emergency solution has been implemented), you might still experience bad latency and low download speed until the connectivity of the datacenter is fully restored.

    We apologize again for the inconvenience.

    Enjoy Linkrealms!

  • good luck

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