Improved Bless Scroll System

  • Instead of having the scrolls be hard tiered maybe have it be more global and change the potencey of each scroll (but you can use each scroll on anything)

    Common Bless scroll would be about the same as it is now on lowbie items. Give 2-5 bless charges on uncommon items. And 1-2 bless charges on rare items.

    Uncommon bless scroll could give double the bless count to common items. 12-20 on uncommon items. and 6 to rare items.

    Rare bless scrolls (like the super rare ones and cash shop ones) can give x300 to common items. x100 in uncommon items. and x75 for rare items. Plus the rarest bless scroll gives item "Bless Potency: which gives a chance for a bless charge not to be consumed when you die"

  • Might help the butthurt noobs from leaving the game because they loose 10-20 hours worth of farming armor + weapon. But they still lose all their resorce unless they are too lazy to bless.


    thats a horrible idea but thanks for trying.. I get about 5 uncommon bless deeds a day. Oh hey how about we just make everything in the game blessed so no one loses anything ever? Or just get rid of pvp?

  • This game suppose to be old school and hardcore so...The way things are is the way that was meant to be.

  • didnt realize uncommons were that easy to find. after a 2 full days of farming and playing in only found 2 or 3 common ones. So i assumed they were kinda rare.

    Was just trying to think how to make bless more dynamic and ways for f2p model to prosper without making it too lame.

    That way even old school players are buying up common scrolls just to add 1 or 2 bless to a rare item.


    lol i throw common bless scrolls on the ground and i was thinking of doing the same with uncommon ones


    @Rolex ill take any uncommon u dont want :)


    @dirtpoor There are also no bless scrolls in the item store which would not be done because that would be considered pay to win. Bless all of your artifacts and never worry about losing them (with money)

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