More Wizard Npcs, and Dice


    Id like to request there be more Wizard Npcs... I think there are 10 farmers in the Riverbank town
    There are alot of Up and training mages in the land.. and It's often that the Npcs are sold out of a specific good
    such as Essances, or Unmarked maps, Crystal buffing wheel, ect. ect.

    Also, Only a few people have dice in the game.
    It's an item desperately needed with groups, and fairly difficult to obtain.. Accordingly so, Players who've obtained dice are holding onto them..
    Which is understandable.

    Thanks for taking this suggestion into consideration.

  • Im guessing they revamp the NPC mages stocks. They are selling a lot more stuff now. Pretty good though.


    there should maybe be public dice that anyone can use somewhere unless they become sellable on a vendor and there needs to be wizards in ravenfeast i dont believe there are any.

  • Are dice still found in the chest in the farm house?


    @Vengeance yea u can still find em in chests but i have no desire to lockpick low level chests once im out of that skill range personally

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