Founder rare bless scrolls


    Can you make the Founder Rare Bless scrolls bless other items ... instead of only founder items.. ( Which are already Blessed)

  • @confusion equipment founder items are not blessed - watch out! ;)


    @Prometheus all founder items from capes up to the crown and sceptre have 100 blesses. now if the bug still persists when u viper mod something onto it it will swap the blesses onto the item u swapped from which blows. I dont think a lot of people realize this is happening. This is a quality of life fix that needs to be implemented this patch. I personally have 4 staffs I'm waiting to viper but cant because I dont want to bother you to come fix them :)


    Yes.. same with the issue Clavicus has about staffs.

    I think making the Founder Rare Bless Scrolls able to bless anything would be a good idea for the economy and community.
    Clavicus was correct about the founder items already coming with bless charges on them.

    Even if that wasn't the case.. a lot of the founder items I wont wear or carry on me, which would leave the rare founder scrolls sitting idle in the players bank box.
    This will be a great fix.
    Thank you.

  • The fact that some founder and premium equip items come with blessings is a bug. You are meant to use the Deluxe Bless Scroll coming with them to bless them whenever you feel like (and yes, sometimes they don't have a scroll attached - another bug). And nope, that scroll will never be able to bless everything, that is something you have to earn yourself in game, you know we don't sell imbalancing items ;)


    Great point!. You're 100% right.. I wasn't seeing it from that point of view.


    Ok cool so deluxe scrolls will be coming with staffs etc in the future, Good to know.

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