Desert area?



    Im looking for desert/sand themed area in linkrealms, is there anything like that?

  • The world seems a little small right now. But im not complaining because I still think its going to take me a long time to explore every part of the map.

    I think later down the road adding another 2 towns to the game you can portal to would be good (like once the game is public or on steam or has more people)

    Maybe a portal in the rivertown could take you to a new desert land that has 2 towns in it. Every time a new continent gets added it can have 2 towns. And have a stone henge meant for teleporting from continent to continent.

    Have the stone henge be a safe zone so people can portal and teleport wand to it.


    @MagicWalker YES! Have you ventured to mount viscous? Here is a link to what you can do here. . I completely nerd out when I watch that video its so good. Anyways... You will notice in the video its mostly volcanic land but on the south eastern side there is a significant amount of desert wasteland with volcanic backdrop to set up a realm. You will also have access to killing monsters for philosophers stones. 10 of them equal an artifact when you turn it in. Some are currently the most powerful artifacts in game to my knowledge and would requie the rare bless scroll. A quick note the properties for the artifacts listed in this video are outdated I beleive.



    Well, how to get there? Throught hades gates? :)


    yep go through the scorpion gate

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