Martial Arts

  • Skill mostly for being unarmed. Can do kicks that knock people down. And punch to the temple which prevent spell casts. And if Martial Arts is at 100 then you can use a special battle tactic to run faster.

    Martial arts can give the best passive dodge bonus in the game because it teaches you the rythem of battle.

    HUGE dodge chance when you have no weapon equiped. And smaller passive dodge if you have spell staff or weapon equiped.

    Maybe make it so sorcerers can cast super expensive mana spells if they use essence from their bag so they can be martial artist mages.


    i would love to see monk abilities in this game. staff fighting is a great foundation for this that a monk could use. you could implement new 2 handed staffs like a bo staff. This would also solve the problem for sorcerers not really having a viable way to use a weap that does actual damage for pve.. (once you reach the skill cap a weapon skill (not staff fighting) is not feasible unless u want to gimp your character in pvp) although moving lockpicking to the working skill category and not having it count towards your cap would help.

  • Wrestling can be a thing like in UO.

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