every day i play this at least a few times a day the game crashes with the error message. NVIDIA GRAPHICS DRIVER KERNEL HAS STOPPED WORKING. I have a gtx 970 updated with the latest drivers. Any idea why i keep getting this message multiple times a day when i play Linkrealms.


    I'll add to this post instead of making a new one since it pertains to the same problem, just one series higher for graphics card though...here...

    I have a GTX 980 and started having this problem 18 hours ago (from this post)
    I have some information that tells of the type of machine I'm behind and some more advanced information which pertains to card capabilities, driver version, and my operating system version too. Here is some info on this:

    Pastebin Information - gives more advanced information on system capabilities. If DEV(s) need more info listed in my DirectX then please let me know.

    • Things it isn't for me:
    1. Inadequate power supply (1050w I'm running)
    2. Inadequate power to the GPU
    3. Bad RAM
    4. Bad Hard Drive sectors
    5. Faulty CPU
    6. Faulty GPU
    7. Failing Motherboard Socket/PCI Express slot
    • End of List

    My operating system is set to install all updates which Microsoft is sending to the x64-bit Windows 10 Pro OS.
    I decided to try an update to my graphics card drivers (which had never given me troubles on previous driver version before the currently update version listed on my pastebin link) and even these new drivers are causing" NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernal has stopped working" problem with Linkrealms. There is no other game I've came across from about 180 games on steam and also my other MMORPG games (both old and new) which is giving me this problem.

    The last thing I was doing within the game was trying to kill a Larva with sorcery spells and then I walked once (not ran) and everything froze. I can hear the sound of everything but cannot move around because screen is frozen as if I'm looking at a screenshot (by the way, I'm not looking at a screenshot hehe). I'm an Incubus race if that can help narrow things down.

    I feel there must be something within the client's code causing this "malfunction" most probably some sort of processing event with how things are being displayed/rendered.

    It's happening every time I use sorcery skills(when attacking)/attacking with staff now(both tried on Larva); I'm using the Crystal Staff which was purchased from Wizard.


    I get this same issue, exclusive to LR. I'm using a gtx 780.

    Things I've done.

    • Disabled NVIDIA 3d drivers

    • Revert drivers

    • Use new drivers

    • Disabled PhysX shit

    • Uplugged my GPU and cleaned it, and reseated it.


    Black screen flicker then my screen goes black, I can still hear sounds in game, like I'm connected but nothing is displayed. I have to alt+f4 to fix the issue.

    System specs are up to date.... I can run 11 copies of SWG, 12 copies of wow etc. The PC was made correctly.


    I also get an kernel error, will upload it when it happens.


    mine is slightly similar. Although i dont have a black screen. The game freezes but i can also hear the sounds as if it is running in the background as normal.



    More so I think the problem isn't just that it is going on with the game but that even when the driver recovers, the game's screen freezes; however, it shouldn't be giving us this problem either way so... I hope the Devs see this.


    Ya this is ruining the beta for me big time............. Can't even play more than a few minutes without a crash.


    My wife has having this problem and it is possible I found a solution. She has a GTX780 from EVGA. So I downloaded precisionX and underclocked it by about half. She's been running the game for almost 3 hours now with no crashes.

  • I have the same problem as you guys, I get this KERNEL ERROR 1 minute after i log in. I think underclock would not be a solution, because this could affect another games that require more video card working.

    If anyone have a better solution please guys, SHARE with us! I'm desperate to play LinkRealms!=D


    I still get this bug, also can't alt tab without crashing.

  • Hello.
    Someone managed to solve the video driver error problem that left a black screen?

  • Bumping this thread. Upgraded my PC a bit with gtx 960 and this shit started to happen randomly right after the update. Before I was playing on gt 240 and everything was working perfectly fine.

  • Bump. Make the game work with these cards finally, becaue I don't even feel like playing this game now...


    @Vetro said:

    Bumping this thread. Upgraded my PC a bit with gtx 960 and this shit started to happen randomly right after the update. Before I was playing on gt 240 and everything was working perfectly fine.

    i have been thinking about buying a good secondary gaming pc but i havent because of hearing about this issue. i wont even upgrade my driver on my current card im too afraid.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yea, I am not sure, but probably this game is not working properly with dx11 cards and it needs to be fixed asap. The thing driver crashes wouldnt be really a problem, because it starts working right after the crash, BUT even if it is possible to move, cast spells etc and you can hear game sounds, your screen remains black till you restart the game and this is actually a big issue, since in PvP it is 100% you will die.


    well there i using in two pcs.

    dx9 with win 7 ultimate NEVER ERRORS.

    and with

    dx5 winxp no errors too.

  • Yea, I was working on dx9 on my old GPU too and never got errors... But after upgrading to dx11 game became kinda unplayable, so unfortunately if it won't get fixed I am forced to stop playing.

  • So nice devs just, no offense, give a shit about such important issue. No single reply from any of them since this post was created. This should be "must fix" thing before steam release, otherwise I doubt people will be happy with crash after crash on their very start with this game, unless you will state in system requirements, that people with nvidia dx11 cards in their PCs are not welcome...

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