Retrieving Beta Key from 2012 & Hello!

  • Hi all, I'm excited to test this game with all of you, i have played many private UO shards and a long time RS classic player. I have also spent a lot of time playing other classics such as Sacred and Divinity. I think Linkrealms is a good match to what I enjoy.

    Going through my emails recently I found a beta invitation from 2012 with an account creation code, it seems that the code doesn't work for the beta key text box, so I was wondering if it was still possible to retrieve they key. I know it has been a long time and if I have to buy a founders pack I may.

    Thanks all!

  • Hi there :)

  • Hi @Irons , I'm sorry but those keys are no longer valid (the whole system was different)! Hope to see you soon in game :)

  • Awesome thanks for the answer! See you all soon!

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