Vendor item details?

  • Is there a way that tool tips could show on vendor items? ive notice that the only way that i can find out what something a vendor is selling does is to buy it, then i realize i wont need maybe we could preview the items stats or details by mousing over the picture of it in the vendor window? idk seems odd right now as a veteran MMO player..

  • ramble ramble ramble lol


    its on a randomizer so you could not see it.. if you could then you could have decent weps etc etc..

    its a gamble :)

  • should still give a description without the exact stat like for a loom for instance or a shovel or a prospecting pan. you dont know wht it is until you buy it

  • Good idea and we need it for sure.

  • We are planning to revamp our selling menu UI together with the UI of the game as a whole in one of the upcoming patches :)

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