Extreme Advertising?


    I've been seeing a lot of POSITIVE steps that @Prometheus @Pain and the @Developers have been taking. Banning toxic players, ending bugs quickly, and listening to the community as much as they can. So why don't we all return the favor? I think we should start streaming and getting videos on YouTube to get this game further out here I truly do love this game I haven't played in a while but I have pledged my support and got prince status. Idk I just feel like we need to bring the positive out in this game. Now I haven't looked on Steam for this game yet so I haven't seen the reviews but I will be checking that out right now. But yeah honestly who's with me?

  • @Alchemy I do agree that we need more players, but I wouldn't share the game in the state that it is. It needs a lot more balancing content in order to have lasting appeal on new players. The game isn't worth sharing just yet imo. It's better to share it once it's a finished work.


    @Myhal It's good to have support on the idea though that's for sure.
    I just can't wait until Magic is finished and black smithing and mining is introduced!

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