Just buyeth the settler pack!

  • I'm downloading the game now after looking up some info on it. I'm excited, because I was looking for an oldskool MMORPG and this is exactly what I expect from the looks of it.
    Hopefully it will be an endless grindfest without end like these games used to be ^^ Cheers!


    welcome to linkrealms! definetly plenty of grinding to be had whether you are working skills, farming mats, or looking for arties. some big changes are coming as seen here http://forums.linkrealms.com/topic/1576/short-term-development-roadmap-06-27-16

    GL and hf

  • Thank you! But I have already encountered my first problem sadly. I don't know how to make my mouse pointer more responsive.. it's slow and almost feels laggy but my pc is far over the minimum specs.
    Any chance you know if this can be resolved easily or is a known issue? I messed around with the options already but nothing helped =(


    I've not heard of this issue before


    Welcome to LinkRealms! If you go to your settings there may be one that say's to limit your framerate to 60fps, you are going to want to disable that because with all the particles trying to load with the animations it make's it quite hard for computer to keep up with limit on 60 fps.

  • @trippyk
    Hey thank you for suggesting it, Pain also suggested it in the bug report topic I started on the problem. Alas, it did not help. Appreciate the input (pun not intended) though.


    No problem yeah I read he posted same thing I did 11 hours before me >< But I guess he is moderator :P

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