Sword Mage OP... xD

  • I cant do anything vs a half geared mage, cant handle a battle vs he, and im full geared (Death Ward set, lvl 100+25 spell defiance, 115 Marksman, Acid crossbow, Necro Cape, Tailoring gloves and boots with high physical resistances and +8 ice/shock resistance, And he only has runic helmet, Cape of the Dragonkin and a Clarity Sword xD its kinda funny.
    The only thing i can do its survive and run away, the good thing is that i did not die anymore vs that character, so El SCORCHO (Clavicus) Enjoy your time of Overpowered Mage and the bug on death ward set (spell defiance) not working, just enjoy it bro =) Pvp its broken like Holya said.

    Anyway its fun :D


    This naked mage you speak of sounds amazing.

  • @Clavicus hehe, every mage its amazing atm, till the balance comes =P

  • I feel the need to point out that all of the mage swords are pretty bad :p
    I mean, their stat lines are alright but they're not optimized well for high-high end builds.

    @vorgoth333 you should still have the advantage unless he's like 50< ethereal, 70< poison res. It sounds like he doesn't have CP/SP cap

  • @Holya good point, but im not looking for the advantage, its just as you did say in previous post: Mages have it everything, teleport(blink), Fire/Stone/Glacial skins, buffs, debuffs, amazing aoe spells, amazing crowd control spells: Gravity/Frailty, they can tailoring equips with 2/3/3 Physical resistances and 4 10%+Reg/Reduction stats and just use Stone skins to fight warriors and archers, Stuns on best spells. Then, everyone will make a battle mage pointless to make another build when mages have it all. xD. Im still happy with my Archer its my game style since i played Tibia 18 Years ago.


    This post is deleted!

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