How do you get enhanced leather/cloth?

  • One of the tailoring contracts requires items made with enhanced cloth or leather, but I've been playing for quite a while and haven't seen either. Is my tailoring skill low? Is there a specific tool that I should be using? I saw that there was different types of leather and cloth, like ghastly leather or enchanted cloth, but both of those are made into plain leather/cloth, according to the tooltip.

    And sorry. I looked on the wiki and didn't see anything and also searched these forums. Is there something obvious that I'm not getting? Any help would be appreciated.


    its a literal bug, its not enhanced but ENCHANTED cloth,
    if u haven'f find them probably your level is too low, and don't get high level tailor quest at begin, they are hard to compelte even for expert tailor

  • Oh, I see. Well, dang. Thanks for the help, Meziljin!

  • @Abrecan thanks for reporting this issue, there are a few other problems as well with tailoring contract, we'll tackle them all soon :)

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