New Player Appreciation Thread - Except for Holya


    Re: New Player Appreciation Thread

    I think it is time to commandeer this thread, it has gotten out of hand and needs to be deleted! @Prometheus

  • Hail Trippyk!!

  • I don't get what is the purpose of this thread. Is it to discuss your competition with Holya, or have you opened it to actually report the other discussion? If the latter, it's totally useless since the other thread has been dead for a while now anyway...

  • Excuse him, hes actualy drinking alot of Vodka =V But hes a good boy =)


    I must explain myself, you have to understand @Holya has been polluting these forums for almost a year now, and he deserve's to get his thread deleted. He has simply posted a bunch of de-moralizing pictures including death's or PK's of current member's of your game, I think he deserves to have his old bread shit during digusting thread deleted.


    @Prometheus Does this mean you will allow me to upvote my own last post?

  • You as a player:

    • I've personally killed your character at least 20 times, and I suspect your actual death count is at least 60. I'm around 15 career deaths, I think?

    • You've literally never gotten a kill in this game, as far as I know. I'm around 800-900

    • You've never had a spec anywhere near optimized. To the point we've put your builds into Excel, and found they do 1/3rd our damage, while somehow having less utility/survivabilty. Not even going to talk about how trash your gearing choices are.

    • You and Vorgoth spend more time playing this game than anybody I know, and over a longer period than most.

    • In discord you've on several occasions needed help with making the most basic macros. I'm sincerely convinced I could teach most 7 year olds to be more proficient in an hour.

    • You've consistently died in 1v1s against the classes with the least mobile damage, while actively trying to escape instead of fighting back. As the most mobile/tanky class. To anybody who doesn't PVP much, this is like, the biggest insult one can really levy in this kind of game. lol

    • You've spent AT LEAST $250USD on this game, I suspect MUCH more, and your bank is worth less than I can afk/macro in a day.

    • Literally no economic knowledge of the game. I've made so much buying low/selling high from you. lol

    You as a leader:

    • You've consistently allowed enemy players to place alternate characters in your guild.

    • You've allowed, and not noticed a VAN alt ninja every single boss kill up until we recently stopped playing

    • You've encouraged your guildmates to build their characters poorly, and do so in the least efficient ways possible.

    • Whenever somebody in your guild has spoken up about strategy, you've along with your cliche(cliches are a bad thing in a guild btw) have completely shut them down, acting as an authority, before they can even get their ideas out. You doing this to other people actually made me angry, even though I was a spy and it's really good for me. Creativity or strategy absolutely cannot thrive in your guild, and it's why everybody it's produced is trash. Even SS, in their 3 weeks of play after leaving your guild were better than your best.

    • You try far too had to maintain control over your guildmates, leaving nobody with any sense of autonomy and crippling them in addition to the morale loss due to your inability to micro, or even macro manage people efficiently.

    • You're far too emotional. You've had an emotional outburst near every time we've killed you, stolen from you, etc. It's one of the reasons we targeted you. We thought you more so than the other guildmasters would act erratically because of it, making you an easier target - and you absolutely always did.

    • You're absolutely awful for your team's morale. In a game where little can be lost on death if you're competent, morale is near the most important attribute a group can have. Near every action, or word you've produced could be described by "The men don't like it, and it doesn't help anyway." I'd specifically reference the complaining, and emotional swearing if forced, though.

    • You've believed people in your guild to be spies, and not removed them for fear of being wrong.

    • You've believed the wrong person to be a spy, and removed them after encouragement from peers.

    • You recruit people with no regard for their qualities/personalities. 90% of the people who've been through your guild would never be friends.

    I don't want this to come off as too much of a "no, you", but you'd be the first person to come to mind if somebody asked me who the worst Linkrealm players are. You're emotionally unstable, you've no game knowledge, you've poor social skills; you've no determination, you can't make decisions under pressure, your mechanical/combat skill is awful, you're a bad teammate/leader in most every way possible. You are legitimately awful in every regard, with no redeeming qualities.

    It's too the degree I can't understand how you function in real life, consider how much effort you've put into your Linkrealms one without any success. This isn't the first time I've given you, or your guild has a whole advice in form of an insult. Try to actually be some competition next week when you're presumably recruiting every nab, giving them poor advice and slowly making them quit by putting them in a hostile environment.

    git gud

  • @Holya u forgot hes a dirty mexican boy like me, except im not bad


    Everything @Holya posts is probably most likely somewhat quite possibly more or less kind of maybe the correct information. Remember kids if you don't want to grow up to be as bad @Holya don't do crack :)


    @Holya your just mad I took over your thread, oh and also your time has come to woo the fields, your probably out there right now sinching your teeth in to any person in this game like a raving lunatic child that try's to make friends but never can because he shit his pant's in class >< You my friend are the epidemic of this game in the sense that you will never really be around that long but when you are no one comes to play with you :(

    P.s. 2 players are required to play a game, if you play on your own it isnt really a game. Git gud in general

    Trippyk out

  • @trippyk sometimes I wonder if you lack a brain, of if you were just dropped as a baby. Maybe both. I have now come to the conclusion you are more than that, you have advanced stupidity, even worse than @vorgoth333


    @myhal I sometimes wonder why you exist, but then I just remind myself life isn't real it is only an illusion and that calms me down.

  • @trippyk trippyk2k16 the wisest man to have ever lived. May your words be passed down over time to be studied as an art


    I figured you of all people would consider my words of wisdom

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