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    Server went in loop 30 min before the daily reset, now it restarted but still down, am i expecting something new?

  • @Meziljin said in Loop + Down:

    Server went in loop 30 min before the daily reset, now it restarted but still down, am i expecting something new?

    Sadly, not. It's been a server crash. I won't hide I'm pissed right now, since something like this hasn't happened in months and it just did with the worst timing ever.

    I take it you were online when the server stalled. Could you describe what you were doing at the time and what happened exactly after? Anything would be of great help.


    fortunately for you, i was alone playing, and i was trying to do a thing NEVER did before by me....Blackwood

    i arrived at final step, where i have to close circuit to let griffin spawn,
    i put 2 mob on a side and myself closed the circuit killing me :|
    the bones start shining, but nothing happened, i went out but boss not spawned, so i re-tried to re-close circuit re-activating the power machine, but i failed...
    Coming out of dungeon, i arrived at final ladder, and when i came out it looped


    So you are saying you broke the server.

  • Its just me? or there were a rollback yesterday, because i had to use 2 times claim stake on my realm, yesterday and today.


    I lose Prince cape all the time it doesn't like me very much ><

  • Thanks for the info @Meziljin. We have a suspect culprit now and it's not related to you running Blackwood. Anyway, you need to activate the circuit more than once to revive the bosses - that's normal.

    @vorgoth333 yes, when the server crashes it always gets rolled back to the previous save. That's what happened! Get in touch with support@linkrealms.com if you want the claim stake to be refunded.

    @trippyk what do you mean you lost a Prince cape? If you had it with you or in your bank at the previous save, it must be still with you.


    @Prometheus I think rollback or something with my cape, I am not sure what happened exactly may have had it on ground but...

    It is gone either way, I thought I had it in bank? Hoping it not a bank glitch.. Anyway would like that back plox

    p.s. I was also using transfer item a lot to different stats for that cape but I know I had seen it in my bank when I logout..

  • @trippyk slimy as always.


    @Holya At least I don't have fungus like you LOL

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