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  • btw i dont know why i keep comming to forums xD see you at next patch or if i need to use marketplace.

  • @DarkMiraxus
    ^ are you saying the 2v2 doesn't count because you were zone hopping?
    alt text

  • @Holya i dont care if it counts or not, it was just a pvp train for my guildie ;)
    Anyway i have 190hp if you debuff me with frailty it makes my hp going down to 140-145 without spelldefiance, with 45% poison resistance with endurance you can easy debuff me to 0% poison resistance and easy do 100hp poison damage to me, then clavicus finished me with a precasted thunderbolt, that isnt even pro. I can easy counter your damage if i want, right now i will test a new build, so i wont even bother to try to counter noobs. =) And to end, i have 8 persons using my computers and net downloading music and videos, so i was lag in that last battle, but it was fun =)


    @DarkMiraxus said in Project Loliconquest | Updated 28/12/2016 | More NWO donations:

    @Clavicus Oh wow!!! finaly!!!! congratzz man!!! btw holya did lower my hp with poison until 40, then you was waiting me on the next realm with a precasted thunderbolt, omg you are so proooo!! hahaha

    Finally? Have a look at my video basically dedicated to how trash you are. inb4 random darkmiraxus lie/excuse/propaganda

  • @DarkMiraxus

    1. Brag about gear
    2. Blame gear for defeat
    3. Blame new build(that hard counters mages)
    4. Blames lag

    btw I play with 350 ping at all times ^
    Also are you just garbage at math, or are you intentionally lying so @Arislan will keep looking up to you? 190- [8 + (0.22 * 100)] * [1 - (20 * 0.006)] = 140-145 confirmed

  • 29/12/2016
    Easy 2v1 Holya[VAN] Vs. @DarkMiraxus [NWO Officer], @Arislan [NWO Officer]
    alt text
    DarkMiraxus ran two transitions to his bugged portal immediately after it became a 1v1. As usual, big talk on the forum, skittish weakness in game.

  • 30/12/2016
    Holya[VAN] Vs. DarkMiraxus in a 1v1
    alt text
    For anybody who doesn't know, severer/hybrid sorc HEAVILY counters pure mage. Regardless, after 10 minutes of Miraxus zone hopping and generally being bad, here's the money shot.

  • Keep dreaming you can 1v1 me in a real battle xD

    1. My build its in standby and test status, that means im waiting 5 gnomish artifact to be done, right now it does not damage. So ofc i cant kill you 1v1 xD i was just bored and did scare you for 15min using 25-35 drinks.

    2. usualy i use crystal aura armor pants vs green mage, then good luck next time ;)

  • @DarkMiraxus

    1. I looted scotch from your corpse
    2. My character is a support build, literally 0 spell power
    3. Your build counters mine to an insane degree
    4. You left and came back with counter gear (nice spell reflect, lol)
    5. You're using the enhance bug, which overall gives you more reists that matter vs. me than if you were wearing crystal
    6. You're garbage

  • @Holya

    1. LOL

    2. More lies

    3. I always have 30-40 scotch on my backpack just in case, but i didnt use them with you

    4. I dont know about every bug like you do to explode them xD so idk which bug are u talking about.

    5. i dont know which spell reflect are you talking about o,o

    6. You are Traumatic with me, you kill me 2 times in around 4 months and you run to forums to upload srceenshots LOL no one even cares if u kill a deer or a spider, its just the dinamic of the game so dont be too excited haha! I imagine you playing a M.O.B.A. you go to forums everytime you win a match LOLOLOL.

    7. With the Marksman nerfed and the bad swords in game, the current status of this game is: Play a Mage to Win, so dont be so excited to get a kill with a mage vs severer right now xD. Lets see if next update balance or change that status.

    1. LOL
    2. You can literally just inspect my gear at any time
    3. I just checked the video, and can confirm you're using scotch
    4. ^You use perma enflame, and everybody in your guild has shirts with stats. You know exactly what I'm talking about
    5. You had ~35% spell reflect when you came back after running away. More poison res, too
    6. I've killed you 13 times in the last two months, there are screenshots in the OP. You made a thread dedicated to times you've NOT DIED to me, and I'm the overly attached one for posting a couple screenshots of your corpse? ^

    For anybody who doesn't know Linkrealms balance well in 1v1
    Hybrid severer hard counters: Invocation mage, Conjuration mage, Marksman
    Hybrid severer soft counters: Maulers, martial artists
    Hybrid severer is countered by: *Maybe super mage crusher maulers?
    Conjuration mage hard counters: Archers in certain maps
    Conjuration mage soft counters: Maulers(if no mage crusher), Archers
    Conjuration mage is countered by: Severer, hybrid severer, invocation mage, martial Artists, Mauler(if mage crusher)

    @Arislan I'm not sure if you're aware, but NWO is essntially North Korea. Large leaders, lots of propagada, always insincerely threatening the actual superpowers/claiming to be better, kinda just garbage at everything. Miraxus is just straight bad, playing his class terribly, giving terrible advice in guild chat and all around having a negative impact on his team. If you leave NWO, I'll stop specifically targeting you, as I've so graciously done for others.
    alt textalt textalt textalt text

  • @Holya "this guild sucks dick" LOLLL


    another alt char in guild NWO? who this time ?
    @Myhal they are cancer of RL - true true :)

  • Holya i wanna ask you something.
    you get argents by killing people???
    how does that work? are the argets you get bounty?
    or the argents they have?

  • @Prometheus said in Release 08 - Minor Update (8.2):

    3 - When a player delivers the killing blow to another player, he is now awarded with argents for each blessed piece of equipment the victim was wearing or carrying. The amount is 250 argents for each Common piece, 500 argents for each Uncommon piece, and 1.000 argents for each Rare/Artifact piece. If the victim was an Assassin, the reward for the killer is doubled, disregarding whether the killer is an Assassin himself or not. Argents awarded are added to the killer's bank account.

    Items that were blessed prior to the update don't yield Argents, however, so most of these kills are worth a lot more than I got. :c

  • @Holya Yes, and u have no chance to kill me because i make this hybrid build, because, how i already tell it, the state of game right now is "make a mage to win" thats why you have 1% chance to kill me 2v1 using blink xD. And ofc mythal is the only good player on your alliance, if he join to the gank you have 80% chance to kill me, but without sorcery its almost imposible to survive 2v1. Im just waiting next patch to see if pvp in this game will be viable, otherwise League of Legend its 1000% better and funiest to pvp x)
    I dont care they are just games, not real life.


    @DarkMiraxus mad cuz bad

  • @holya sinse you kill anyone with guild or not why you supose be the "good guys" ?
    BTW i want see you all in MO cuz there dont have bless to protect your gear. will be fun figth as equal. and dude, you log with many alts in many places to spy ppl and kill just for nothing... you're rigth i'm new i dont have any issue with that figth of you and Miriaxus but he help me when you attack me even when i was guildless... so... i want know what @Prometheus will do with that Alts spyes, @Prometheus you just lost 4 potential players friends mine just because Holya ganking, i'm not complain against gank, its a fun part of game i'm complain about ALT chars and multi accounts... if i have 4 chars loged and hide in hot spots ill gank everyone and ppl are not stupid, knowing it just quit...

  • he has more than 13 diferent chars ;D, and yes he use them for scouting ;D, his good on acting olso, but easy to ignore ;D, and when you ignore him he wants to kill you, just as the kid he is ;D

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