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    @Arislan I played dfuw. Mo is trash. Here's a link.

    Only made a couple vids in dfuw cause using Windows movie Maker is crap and I decided to buy a program for lr.

    Stop believing DM accusations btw. They are unfounded.

    P.s. Your friends quit because they are carebears.

  • @Clavicus my friends quit to play MO they're not carebear dude, they simply saw Alts hidden in maps before gank. I'm accusation DM cuz its so simple resolve that problem and let ppl play as equal... if you enjoin LR you have to agree with me, use exploit and advantage of free account to create bots and spyes everyware will crash that game. if You play following the rules and lost to ppl who dont follow you just go away, that's it what ppl are doing...

  • @Arislan it takes us 5-10 minutes to check every node in the game. We log in and kill people thats it, no need to scout.
    Pretty sure the only ones scouting and bug abusing are NWO cough enhanced vests cough

  • @Arislan
    Yes, I would definitely kill you regardless if you weren't in a guild. However, I wouldn't dry loot you, and I wouldn't watch for 2 hours doing gnome dungeon until you're on the last boss.

    Also, name these hidden characters you've seen? Where do the hide? If they were hidden, how did you see them? Where did I hide them? TBH, it sounds like you've bought some of Miraxus's ego protection narrative.

    ur an idiot. I don't think anybody can take anything you say seriously

    • Mages are overpowered because lightning staff has a shock on hit proc
    • It's illegal for you to enter my realm without friend
    • He only says things with a reason (as if saying things without reason is a positive trait)
    • Nightshade berries are worth less than strong poison
    • Mages do insane single target dps
    • Stoneskin is OP

    I could literally write an essay on the retarded crap you've said. Don't speak to me with your porn comment section levels of broken English.

    From the way you speak to your guild, on discord, and on the forums I don't believe you. You've put so much of your ego into this game, and invested so much time into protecting it. ^ Maybe you should've spent your time getting good, rather than yelling that you're the best to as many people as possible.

    Hybrid severer vs. mage is the most one-sided matchup in the game, in favor of the severer. Even if your build weren't a hard counter to me, you shouldn't be dying in a 1v1 ever. You shouldn't really be dying a 2v1 unless you're caught with your pants down, even without sorcery. You're just garbage. I feel sorry for anybody who takes anything you say seriously.

  • @Holya why are you taking the pain if i dont metion your name dude? and its not my work prove multiaccounts, evebody knows whats going on... like i said ppl are not stupid, just you think they are, we're not obligate to keep playing a game full of exploits and nobody doing nothing. Like you post before, you had a character in your guild, just one alt... and again, like i said (if you dont undestand) i have nothing with that you war wuth Miraxus. But if i had to chose one of you i'll chose who dont take advantage of game exploits, who dont attack new players just to compensate your short dick... and who try help's improve players to the game.

  • oh, sweet baby @Arislan .

    Miraxus/NWO does attack new players, he does exploit bugs(nice shirt, nice runic, nice 100% fire proc on a mech bow, nice telepad>portal), and there are several threads created purely for the purpose of him compensating for his short dick. The only differences between us is that my titanic ego, within the context of Linkrealms, is based on reality. Also, I embraced my tiny dick and became a ladyboy.

    Miraxus is just an off-brand Holya that pretends to not be an asshole because he needs help, and with a crippling superiority complex.

  • @holya until now, my experiences and my friends experiences prove you're a jerk and dude. but ill take your advice, cya.

  • I wanna say to you all whiners out there. The Pk alliance currently have around 8 members playing daily for at least 5h a day.

    Its very easy for us to scout all the hotspots and gank with having player number advantage all the time, without using hidden alts. @Holya excuse me for explanations, but these guys.....

    Also @Arislan I am killing NWOs atm because I can. When I was in my first week, with no friends etc, I was trying to get my first artifact from Hades. I joined TL back then, and the leader was ex NWO crafter. He stole some stuff from NWO, which I learned later in game, and quit the game.

    Back then, @DarkMiraxus , @Gorstak and @trippyk once, came and ganked me like 2-3 times a day in there for at least a week, after I went in forum to tell em to stop cause I had nothing to do with the theft. RoK also targeted me as hell.

    I went to the forums and made a post saying that if they were trying to make me quit, this wouldn't happen. I told em that I will get strong and win them.

    Sounds prophetic now. @Holya and VAN never bullied me like NWO, RoK did. Now they run ;) They should be more wise when they could. Their ego is what you pay now.

    Adding to that, NWO made my k/d ratio go to 5/32 when I was grinding for gear. Now that I am geared, I am 22/32. This means I have NEVER died in PvP since I stoped farming gear and started PvP.

    This includes a couple of fights with @DarkMiraxus, a 2v1 with Zephyr and Falch RoK leader, a 2v2 with @Holya against @DarkMiraxus and Zephyr where we got Zephyr once and then chased them back to their realms and I will add here a 3v1 and a 4v1 I won against some noobs from Br who ganked me in town.

    So this is a 0 death and 17 kills from the point I started PvPing. Now @DarkMiraxus is anxious because he sees the enemies he created getting stronger by him.

    Now this is a war and you just are on the loosing side. Mirraxus said only @Myhal is good enough, but I ve seen him running in 2v2 against me.

    Be sure, that if you guys roam the volcano area, you are just pray to be killed. If you are not farming Hades, Blackwood,Volcano or Spiders we know where you are so you will die there :) Simple as that. No scouts needed.

    We need like 5-10min to figure out your location. That's y you die daily. Now I believe that quiting NWO will end your pains. I be spoken to you about it already. I m just using their poison against em!

    If you want details about the history of this argument, check duels and battles. 2 posts there. One from trypik "NWO vs TL", and one from me "NWO on my ass".

  • OK and for all those noobs that think a mage is OP. If you give me your characters, warriors mages archers, and I give you Siltoruz and we go PvP,

    I would set the correct defences, and I would win my mage 100% in every single fight, with any class against it.
    If y know what to do, its very easy to win. If not, don't ask for nerfs. Just do it right.

    Mirraxus's warrior and mage CANNOT be killed in 1v1 from an Invocation mage and he knows that. I m pretty sure that his mage can't be killed by mage too. Don't believe every little thing you hear.

    A fight between Dark Sorcerer and Siltoruz would go draw if I play 80%+ of what I can, and a loss for me if I don't, cause of the sword he uses outplays my staff.

    Now you r gonna ask y I still use staff mage if I know I ll loose to a sword! Its because PvP in LR is designed for groups and not for 1v1 and I really don't think ANYONE atm in game knows how to counter a pack of mages.

    That being said, you guys need to go to the arena and practice cause region control is coming soon and then you won't be able to hide cause the results will speak for themselvez

    Edit: When we spoke together @Arislan you didn't know Mirraxus has a mage. Ye he has both warrior and mage. This is just to show you that you are left aside by them. What you gain from being with them is a target on your head.

  • @Holya said in Project Loliconquest | Updated 30/12/2016 | 1v1 Holya Vs. DarkMiraxus who will win?!:

    I could literally write an essay on the retarded crap you've said

    if you back it by numbers i can take that seriusly, meanwhiile its only a a bugger crap trying to save his way to enlarge his ego ;D

    and seriusly ill be interested on reading that FACTS, not my OP Build vs a 1 day char ;D

  • @Siltoruz LoL alot bored stuff to read here, well i only saw your post, well have fun killing the only 2 active players on NWO Guild that makes you so pro fo sure x), also im not active atm so you are just hunting Arislan, and you can´t kill me ofc even 2v1 you will fail always, no matter if u have 1 month or 2 years playing.

    Also good luck and have fun playing "8" active players in your alliance when server online players is 10-15. xD This game has not a challenge anymore for me it was an easy game, until next update i wont play so maybe next update you can have a real challenge if at least 2 of my guildies become active again and BR guild maybe so we could have fun in a 8 v 8 alliace fights to a real challenge =).

    So gg wp gl hf.

  • Oh, 4 players online without me xD very sad to see "8" players huting around a dead game.

  • Me too @DarkMiraxus. Its really sad to play with such a low player base. I'm actually thinking of starting a new game, but I m not gonna advertise here. But if LR doesn't get more players I ll have to switch.

    But anyways don't go spreading anymore lies. You know that if we find you 2v1 you ll loose 100%. I say that cause you run like Forest everytime. And because I want to say the whole truth, usually I m not the one hunting you cause I mostly grind in my gametime than PvP, but I see screenshots daily in the dischord of your defeats.

    Usually its @Holya and @Clavicus the ones you run from.

    Also last time we fought 1v1 I could not kill you, but you could not kill me either. It ended a draw. You might have been able to kill me with ethereal DMG cause back then I had 0 resistance, but even with 0 I did not die.

    You mention about 8 ppl hunting 4 ppl. This is not true either. You have an alliance with all players in the server, except those 8. So its mostly us against everyone.
    But seriously get some ppl trained in your alliance cause its not fun anymore.

    The funny thing is that all newbies I meet from NWO and Br, come to me to help them with their builds cause you either don't bother tutoring them, or you give em noobish advice!

    Finally, both myself and @Holya have started guides to give our knowledge to any new player for free. Still we are garbage and you are no1. I didn't see you share anything with anyone... Still we are the devils and you are the angels :p

    Its just that we know we r on top and we are not afraid to give advice to anyone. Actually I would be happy to see new people getting strong so we have someone to fight with. In the end its gonna be friendly matches in the arena with our comrades ;)

    Dry for the long posts, but I don't have access to my PC for like 5 dayz now and the addiction is spreading so I come here to ease my pain :)

  • Ofc i can't kill any of you right now 1v1, if you did forgot it, i had my perfect build that i did work for 5-6 months to finish it, then @prometheus or game staff did nerf that build because one only player had the perfect marksman build. i was able to kill anyone with 4 shoots, just because i did focus to have high accuracy, 125 marksman, 80%+ damage inc and poisoning doesnt mean that anyone with mechanized crossbow could be OP. otherwise even with mechanized crossbow you could never kill a single player, that was the roll of marksman in this game be a carry, like in League of Legens you choice between: adc (carry) support, top/mid jungle, so of course the ADC (carry) have to be OP damage that is the point of the character.

    So right now i made a hybrid mage swordman just to escape for those 3v1 Ganks, that means that if you arent a mage or you dont have blink/sorcery then your character sucks.
    I dont like to play mages, isnt my game style, i play carries/range in all games like in M.O.B.A.s i always carry the team, so its pointless now that marksman isnt viable, i dont enjoy playing mages, either swordman mage, but sadly its the game now.

    And well there are not anymore challenges for me in this game i did already survived 3v1 ganks, won 2v1 fights, easy pawned 1v1 everyone on VAN, scared Holya lots of times (when he see me, he just run away) So i think this is an easy game for me.
    And i know that you will be mad if i quit or im not active anymore, because killing newbies like you do is not a challenge and is not fun, without me in the game you wont have a real challenge and will do easy kills. =) Nothing more to say in this post.

    Oh BTW @Siltoruz i never did agree about your try to be a double agent or an spy for us making allied of VAN, we do not need to lower ourselves to that, we dont need spies or anything to screw VAN, we already did so hard without using dirty strategies.

  • @DarkMiraxus fight me in league, I'm 100% sure you're silver at best

    When he says 8 players, he means total. 3 of which are not PVPers. Compared to ROK/BR/NWO's 40+. You've always had the number advantage, we've always had the not-retarded advantage. You've still lost literally every team fight, including when you've outnumbered us by 7+ people.

    People aren't suppose to die 2/3v1, unless cornered. You die 1v1. It's not even a show of my skill, it's just a show of your incompetence. I could survive indefinitely versus myself on a semi-geared character with no skills except endurance. You're garbage.

    Your "perfect" archer build was fucking terrible. You had one imba weapon, a weapon that did x3 the damage of the next best, and still, you go assfucked in every 2v2/couldn't beat anybody 1v1. You still built your character terribly. I got that weapon 12 hours before the nerf, and DESTROYED everybody I saw. You couldn't even manage a positive KDA killing afk scouts.

    You didn't even do the math and figure out the weapon was good, you were using it 8 months ago when it was terrible. I PMed Prometheus suggesting he nerf ignore armor literally the same day it was buffed, before I noticed you using it. Did you win a single arena game since it was nerfed?

    <3 You quit when the population was on a stable 20 last time, and I quit when it was similar to what it is now. You came back when the pop was avg 1-3 and farmed, specifically telling people it was because I wasn't playing. Pretty sure clav has screenshots.

    I started those guides to shit talk people when they disagree with me <:

  • no one was talking to you, i just ignored.

  • @DarkMiraxus said

    Oh BTW @Siltoruz i never did agree about your try to be a double agent or an spy for us making allied of VAN, we do not need to lower ourselves to that, we dont need spies or anything to screw VAN, we already did so hard without using dirty strategies.

    Did you really think that I would be so naive, to spy @Holya who helped me early on to avoid you ganking me, in order to help you, my ganker? Hahaha. The only reason I PMed you and Trypik back then was in order to trick you, so that you sieze fire against me, so that I can gear up. It was a genius plan that actually worked. Cause you guys fell for it and now I m fully dressed In artifacts.


    I started those guides to shit talk people when they disagree with me <:

    LOL!! Be sure that future NWOs will stick to those builds. BTW I just started mine to help the newbies gear up a bit before we find them as sitting ducks trying to rush finish Hades before we find them there :) I kinda feel bad ganking sometimes, so I m trying to help our competition get a bit better.

    And yeah @DarkMiraxus, personally I wouldn't want you to stop playing, cause then I believe @Holya @Clavicus and @Siltoruz should start a friendly war just to keep the fun level up. LOLZ :p

  • @Siltoruz No, i never trust you =) and im done talking to tards, im busy playing LoL.

  • @DarkMiraxus
    ;p you've posted in this thread well over 50 times. You've made 10-20 threads about me/VAN. New *rules were introduced to the forum exclusively because you directed comments to me in every single thread.

    You claimed to have quit, but you're still trying to shit talk/make excuses for being garbage on the forum. None of the 4 people who read this thread believe you're ignoring. Replying =! ignoring.

    But seriously, can we let this thread die a bit until the population picks up? All tears and no kills for 2 pages looks ugly. :c

  • @DarkMiraxus 1v1 in league pussy. Summoner name is Myhai.

    Pretty sure I can beat a silver like you with one hand and playing without a keyboard.

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