Quest: More Backpacks! glitched out

  • Hai!
    my current Quest "More Backpacks!" from Oliver in the starting area glitched , i have accepted the quest but after that , i might have crashed not sure since i can't remember, i didn't get the following part go to Bill and the Cows. I just made a new character and rushed to the quest because i can't even open the quest in the quest log. It is working for the new character!
    How can i reset a Quest or delete it or restart it ?
    or can you help me out ? :D also can i progress without completing it right now ?

  • oh and a question, can i see the stats of a items from vendors? when i go to a npc and buy a item i can only see the name and how it looks but not like slash resistance or "this item is used for making fire" the description of a item. :D

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