Server Crash (10-11-16)

  • Hi everyone,

    we are sorry to inform you that the Classic server has crashed around 10.30pm CEST (4.30pm EDT) today.

    A server crash means the world gets rolled back to the previous runtime save. Runtime saves take place every hour on the hour, therefore the world got rolled back to 10pm CEST (4pm EDT) this time. Some of you who were playing at the time might thus notice a few minutes of progress lost of your characters.

    In this specific circumstance, server logs are providing us with almost no insight on why the cause of the crash is. It would thus be of enormous help for us if you could tell us what you were doing when the server froze (running a dungeon, crafting, etc). Specifically, if you noticed you were no longer able to move and perform any action right after doing a specific action.

    We apologize deeply for the inconvenience. If you have lost any store item you had purchases and claimed between the server crash and the previous runtime save, please get in touch with and you will be refunded of the credits lost.

    We are currently fully invested in figuring out the problem.

    -- UPDATE --

    We have identified a possible culprit and restarted the server to implement a hotfix patch that fixes the issue. Fingers crossed!


  • i was going true caves pass wich leads to lizzargoths area when i got frozen.

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