New player, Need info on martial arts build

  • Hey everyone
    Just started playing for the first time and i am looking for a noob friendly guide for martial artist build. Also do they use any weapons or just blank weapon slot?

  • Martial arts is only good in very specific PVE scenarios, and retarded stupid OP vs. archers/melee in PVP. That said, it's weak versus pure mage builds, and pure mage builds also counter archers/melee, so I wouldn't recommend martial arts as a fast character.

    However, if you're set on it, I'd recommend a build exactly the same as in this thread, except with martial arts rather than staff fighting. You could mix/max str to 150 before wis, and +martial arts over +invo, but that only increases your single target at a detriment to your AoE. Almost all AoE is just AoE clearing.

  • i was just told martial artists are good. If you have a better alternative for a new play i would be interested in knowing what your thoughts are.

  • @Caladai martial arts can be potentially really good. But that requires landing successive hits, which may be a bit of a challenge. The problem is that martial arts will not scale into the late game. Youre welcome to do it as you are new and learning. Just keep in mind youll eventually have to replace it

  • I dont really want to wast my time if its eventually not going to be good. What build would you recommend?

  • @Caladai don't worry about it, you can macro skills to max in 2-3 days. Just focus on learning the game for now.

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