Crafting Artifacts

  • For endgame crafting, once Blacksmiths and Tailors reach level 100, allow them to craft artifacts, with the ability to replace a single mod on the artifact with a mod of their choosing.

    Give it a huge crafting cost, Pstones, rare mats from recycling unwanted artifacts, other hard to get items. A medium to long term goal.

  • I think that takes away the point of farming artifacts. Crafting gear can already match artifacts, and be better than them.
    I do agree that there should be "stronger" things to craft with rarer materials, but you shouldn't be able to craft "Artifacts" just really strong crafted items

  • @Roundwaters actually, Jorkrut artifacts were never meant to be sold by a NPC, they were always meant to be craftable artifacts. They've been put in a NPC because there was no Blacksmithing and the crafting system (both UI and functioning) was absolutely inadequate. Now that we have the new menus, we will gradually move the artifacts where they belong. Of course @Myhal they require special rare resources farmed in boss and non-boss monsters. Is just a different way of producing the item really - through crafting instead of a the menu of a NPC who "crafts it for you".

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