Alchemy Skill

  • The crafting skills seem to be coming together, and I'd like to suggest one more to bring them all together. Alchemy, basically converting items into something else.

    1. Philosopher Stones: Another source of Pstones wouldn't hurt, especially considering how random the Pstone rewards are. (My suggestion on recycling artifacts to get crafting materials to make crafted artifacts would take care of too many artifacts in the game)

    2. Materials Progression. Convert crude crafting materials into their next tier, at a cost. Metals, leathers, cloths, gems(?)

    3. Generate magic Essences: From gems, geodes, strip an items mods to convert it into a few essences.

    4. Useless item conversion. Use this skill as an excuse to put useless items in the game to use. For instance, gold dust would make a nice contextual ingredient to upgrade cloth materials to their next tier.

    5. Possibly use this skill to make required high end crafting mats for the other professions. For instance the higher quality gold bars should be the domain of an alchemist.

    6. Soul Bombs: After maxing out the souls you can hold, alchemist have the ability to fuse those souls into a gemstone. The gem can be used for crafting or or special attacks. There would have to be good sinks for these.

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