Artifact rebuild patch

  • When is it going to hit us? And how about loot patch? Waiting on both to come back to the game.


    @DEAD yea i am waiting for that and curious about the red system revamp

  • As far as I know, it happened already. I've pretty much given up on artifacts, so there's no real reason to run dungeons.

  • The point is, it was unimpressive.

    About half the armor that drops in the game drops without any stats or mods whatsoever. Tartaros robe, an artifact, is still blank. There's too many artifacts to list that are still really bad, like my poor Wrath of the Amazon.

    Meanwhile Jarko's favorite weapon, the Blood Talon, remains OP as ever.


    @Prometheus I am referring to monster challenge/loot which u mentioned in the short term roadmap. Like @Roundwaters said... Tart Arty's have no mods... The "toughest" dungeon wasn't touched in your arty revamp.

    Also psi drops on every wrist/necklace... Why was MCR/Mr etc removed? (I know the removal was a long term ago) but get rid of life Regen psi Regen etc if the other regens/cost reductions aren't offered.

    Also am I imagining this or weren't boss drops being raised? They are in the toilet and its basically not worth running a dungeon unless you are a glutton for punishment which I am not.

  • I know this horse has been dead for a while now, but I'd specifically reference runic helms since they're not just BIS, they're significantly better than the next contender. Most everything else that's "good"(and I know my opinion probably differs from yours there) can be farmed without luck being too much of a factor. It must feel bad to be a nad, and find out people used to get a runic helm every other run.

  • We had a decent population on the PvE server, and everyone stopped playing because the dungeons were so disappointing. Really it's just wearing down your gear for nothing.


    Yea I've got a bag full of baphomet blades from running hades after they nerfed drop rates but hadn't announced the nerf yet. Even if the dungeon is fast af w eq now I'm not interested.

  • Yeah true with the PSI on Jewelry!!

    Look what i got from a lvl 80 Chest... alt text

    And look from a lvl 50 Chest... alt text

  • @Clavicus @Roundwaters @Holya if you were referring to monster power and fame/loot, we have planned to have it included in the patch after tomorrow's one!

  • There's still a bunch of minor artifacts that drop in the game which are way worse than normal gear. The spectral crossbow and unholy avenger for instance. The pumpkin staff is listed as an artifact.

    Too many artifacts in the Volcanic area, and the randomness really stinks.

    What's with only tailoring gear dropping?

  • @Roundwaters we'll introduce metal armor as random monster loot in the next patch :)

  • If all artifact weapons had a slayer mod, that would go a long way to improving their viability in PvE. And make sure PvP weapons have at least one PvE tactic, and vice versa.

    The Silver Skull crossbow from the Lizgoth chest is still bad even with a slayer mod.

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