Lets Open Market Place! (Classic Server)

  • Im looking for Rare Bless Scrolls, some Argents (not all items are selling for Argents.) And any of the next items:

    Charged Crossbow, Majestic Antler Crown, Dangling Fangs Necklace (BT or Marksman) Gloves of Might with Marksman.

    Also Im buying Rare Bless Scrolls for 50k each.

    Also looking for a Necklace with: 4str+/9%Accuracy+/20%damage inc+/20%+Fire Resistance (it need to have the 4 stats or another resistance like Ice, Ethereal or poison, STR its optional.)

    Feel free to make an offer or PM me. IGN: DarkMiraxus.

    alt text

    alt text

  • Bumping.

  • Bumping. Adding Moon Axe to the sell. alt text

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