Release 08 - Minor Update (8.1)

  • Hi everyone,

    this patch is largely focused on fixing a ton of bugs (some new, some quite old) and improving the FTUE (First Time User Experience) of Linkrealms.

    As the game suffers from a quite low new player retention, making it easier to learn and more fun to play for new users is of paramount importance to us. In future Minor Updates we will keep rolling out tenths of bug fixes and tweaks (together with new features, of course) until Linkrealms is properly polished!

    Below is a detailed description of the patch.


    1 - Tailoring Contracts have been moved to a new NPC at the Riverbank Tailor shop and are now available without having to complete a few quests of the main questline.

    2 - The main Riverbank questline has been tweaked in a few places (Loyal Scratch now given and explained together with the Rooster, some texts changed, rabbits easier to find, etc).

    3 - Small improvements applied to tutorial area (better positioning of resurrection shrine, no use of Blink Sorcery spell, Skip Tutorial button present in second realm as well).

    4 - Fixed Tin-Silver-Gold deposit type spawn rates in different environments.

    5 - Quest Items are now permanently blessed, and the Rune of Ascension is always deleted when leaving the tutorial zone.

    6 - Summoning a Rooster now requires 10 Psi instead of 15, but players must wait 30 seconds to re-summon one if it's been killed.

    7 - The Royal Metal Armor set and Equip Slot Invisibility are now back in the Item Store. We shall remind you that any piece of equipment you buy from the store comes in the most basic material (Plain Cloth, Plain Leather, Iron) and with 0-Fame modifiers. You don't buy power, you just buy very good-looking items to be swapped with a Viper Mod Swapper. Equip Slot Invisibility can be only purchased and used in the Save (PvE) server.

    8 - Random monsters now spawn in all realms of the world. The type of monster spawned is always chosen from a unique list tailored to the biome - so that, for instance, creatures that spawn in the Oak Forest are very different from the ones that spawn in the Volcanic biome. The world looks way more alive now!

    9 - Poisoning plant spawns in the world have been made 2-3 times more common.


    1 - A few minor object glitches in Riverbank have been fixed (crops changed, old tomes for learning spells removed, etc).

    2 - Plenty of text mistakes fixed in Tailoring Contracts (mostly related to wrong/outdated names of materials and items).

    3 - Tailoring crafting tools can no longer be used to craft items equipped on the Inner Torso slot, and Tailoring Contacts no longer ask for them.

    4 - Foundry menu now uses the correct text font and background color.

    5 - "Open" hotkeys no longer bring up old menus (plus other minor glitches corrected).

    6 - Several runtime save fixes (rubberbanding when already running at save start, no longer being able to move after save end, "Saving Server" messages moved below character).

    7 - New players can no longer attack Assassins in town and can no longer receive AOE damage in Legal zones.

    8 - Fixed an issue that would get players disconnected from the server when clicking spells in the Sorcery Spellbook in quick succession.

    9 - Councilmen power to invite other players to join the guild now works correctly.

    10 - Fixed a bug that would make new players start out with sound / music muted and (badly functioning) V-Sync activated.

    11 - Fixed minor chat font glitches (numbers in dice rolls and emoticons).

    12 - Mining and Blacksmithing descriptions in paperdoll updated.

    13 - Fixed a bug that would make players unable to move after using a Telepad under certain conditions.

    14 - Profanity filter fixed so that it no longer accidentally censors some words even if deactivated (it is inactive by default for new players).

    15 - Each piece of Heavy Armor now correctly raises the maximum cap on physical resistances (Slash/Pierce/Crush) by 5%. Since no metal capes exist, players wearing a full Heavy Armor set can now reach a cap of 95% on their physical resistances.

    16 - Blacksmith NPC now sells Foundries, Forges and Stamp Mills.

    Let us known what you think and enjoy Linkrealms!

  • 7 - New players can no longer attack Assassins in town and can no longer receive AOE damage in Legal zones.

    @Xeraeth I'm sorry, friend :c


    @Pain @Prometheus My game dont start de update, please upload new installer version in site =)


    7 - New players can no longer attack Assassins in town and can no longer receive AOE damage in Legal zones.

    I was just helping them! all i did was teach them a lesson, to NOT attack assassins in town.

  • Good patch overall.


    I predict that I will not be able to play today =( Shirley have same problem

  • @Sativao said in Release 08 - Minor Update (8.1):

    I predict that I will not be able to play today =( Shirley have same problem

    The new installer has been uploaded already! :)

    Anyway, what is your problem exactly when you try to update?


    me and shirley a player of my guild have the same problem, we open the game normally, however not start updating even running update.exe when I try to enter my account I get the message that my game is outdated

    EDIT: we do not use steam, the steam usually updates the game


    Good patch, this is the right way
    This game always gave a great attention to details (genetics of roosters, items stacks, etc), but in last times it was lost.

    Spending time to fix and improve even slightly the existant is a good choice...

    About patch, i already said what i think about the old menu in bug report

    About the spawn of mobs around the world based on biomes, i have to say i don't like so much it, because actually there are spawn raodno mof mobs everywhere, so when ur doing some exalted appear a minotaur, or some mobs never seen out of dungeons, they seems completely out of places. Moreover the spawns of creeps like rabbits, lizards, scorpions (the small ones), cows, sheeps and others really gave impression of a living forest (about oak forest, jungle, etc)

    My suggestion is to improve the critter spawn and structure differently the mobs spawn, maybe with random little groups (give more sense) of bandits, minotaurs, etc (improving the number at least at 4) and maybe with some little reward (a small chest, maybe closed with lockpick), so the roaming could be useful even for lockpicks (no more locked to dungeon runs).

    Mining already gave a reason to roam the map, exploring the world, some more incentive could expand the player horizons in my humble opinion

  • I agree, this random mob spawn in the realms seems a little weird. The spiders hunting the local wild life felt more organic than a random mob standing there. They look out of place and lonely, but that could just be me being used to seeing realms empty.

    Perhaps for the next minor update, make bows, metal armor, and staffs sellable to NPCs. Those things are really starting to pile up, especially in the Foundry area. And add a blacksmith at the foundry.

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