Philosopher Stones how to get?

  • all monsters Volcanic?

  • @revinmagee they only drop from "exalted" variations of volcanic monsters. The exalted versions only spawn after killing the "normal" spawn in a volcanic area. That is from the realms designated to have a spawn in the minimap. (The little icons such as minotaurs/griffons/imps across the volcanic area)

  • There are 4 Exalted spawns in the volcanic area in the top right hand corner of the map. You can see them on the world map.

    There's 4 different spawns, but the only ones worth doing are the minotaurs and the griffons. The exalted minotaur is the only boss with a guaranteed Pstone drop. The griffons have a high chance to drop one. As for the imps and the scrouges, you can grind those until the spawn moves, and odds are you won't find any Pstones, so don't even bother.

    They NPC who takes your Pstones (located inside the Tartaros dungeon), say he only wants 10 Pstones, but he actually wants 20. The devs never miss an opportunity to confuse and annoy players.

    Pstone rewards are totally random, selected from a pool of 19 artifacts. Most people stop playing before they get the artifacts they want.

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