Final Bosses of Dungeons.

  • Lately everytime i do a dungeon i don't find anything in the last boss spawn.

    Why not giving a chance to find rbs also there or to find 2-3 philosopher stones?
    I think it is more difficult challange a dungeon than challenging only a spawn of monsters.
    That's why i say it would be fair to find 2-3 philosopher stones also there..
    At least we find something than, cause artifacts are so rare that maybe someone loses its will power to make a single dungeon..

  • @Dreworok Also the Matriarch and Artic spiders has a lower chance to drop RBS i have been killing lots of them in the last week and i got nothing of RBS.

  • @Dreworok @vorgoth333 drop rates are quite messed up - artifacts drops are too low and bless scrolls haven't been evenly distributed between various monsters. As already announced, we will get it all fixed in the next patch!

  • @Prometheus what about pstones in the bosses of the dungeons?
    This was the original advice-proposal.
    I think that also bosses could contain them .
    There is a lot of risk to complete a dungeon too i think.
    Why having them only in tartaros ?
    That place is already full of houses of 2nd accounts.
    Why not delocalize p stones also in the dungeons?

  • @Dreworok If they enhance drop rate of dungeons there is not point to put pstones in that bosses, because the artifacts are very very Awesome and it worth to do dungeons with a better drop rate.

    Also i have been killing 10-12 Matriarchs and like 30 artic spiders in a day for 7 days and no RBS xD.

    Dont tell me that shared artifact drop rate its better because i got 2 shared. xD Then the newbies are lost because that RED players chaseing newbies.

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