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  • First, sorry for my english. I really love games with hardcore mechanics. I don't have problem with open pvp and loot system and i can deal with high geared players ganking low levels and stealing a boss after a long time of work from these noobs. But when pk players have a bully attitude, insulting and laughing i really don't like it. A player called Holya and another one called A mage... i don't remember the name, sorry, both of the same guild have this attitude, and new players like me are just leaving the game because they ( my friend is tired and im thinking about drop the game and im sure a lot of new players too). They say trash about you are scum and if you did 0 dmg in each atack is because you are an idiot or you are retarded or you are just scum. I'm enjoying the game and i was thinking about why have a low population, because the game its awesome, and now i can understand the reasson. If you let players `like him to control the game with his attitude just to fed his ego, the game will die. I repeat, sorry for my english, i'm spanish.

  • @Kazallus woah is lying a thing now? We merely called you criminal scum, because you were. You had a red assassin in your group and he was punished for his sins. We never called you idiot or retarded, that is mean why would we do that? Now you are just making that up.

  • @Myhal if you are this guy i'm not going to dispute with you. I'm reading the forum and i can see you already are the owners of the server. You and Holya are in all posts, and with the same attitude. Just enjoy your game i hope your ego will enjoy it.

  • @Kazallus
    this was more fun when you were threatening to rape me when you grow up

  • Well i'm going to ignore both of you because i'm reading more posts and you are just bullies. Just some questions: Did you read how many ppl are doing bad reviews and leaving the game because you and your friend and your guild? Do you know you can kill ppl without the bully? You can come and kill me ( it's easy for you i have 3 days played and my atacks always will do 0 dmg) steal my loot and just go away or continue ganking me, but all the bully shit has no sense. And don't come with this shit about i'm a criminal because your names were red too. The diference is when i kill ppl i don't bully them and i fight with players of my same skill level in a nice combat and you just kill noob ppl to fed your ego laughing about they can't do dmg and insulting.

  • @Kazallus Ofc they are destructive. Ignore them and report them like everyone does. =)

  • @Kazallus you were the one who threatened to destroy us when you were stronger :c . We didn't even take your loot we left it in the body. The one only uncivilized person here is you good sir.
    Edit: @vorgoth333 you can't report someone for being good

  • @Myhal want to see?, hey Kazallus click on report. xD and your messages will be deleted.

  • I dont care about if you loot my body or not, you just ganked me waiting to dungeon collapse and then my body vanished. But i'm not blaming you for this i'm blaming you because you are toxic players but your ego don't let you read my post. You and your mate are bad persons and hope someday you will get banned for your attitude, because you deserve and the game needs nice ppl playing there not troll with a big ego just fucking all the new players.

  • well van guild is the reason why this game maked so many stepsbackwards instead already being populatedby 100+ppl during eevry day,holya got "banned" after exploiting numerous bugs but that ban did nothing,they will continumake this game loose its ground till they destroy it completely.

  • @Kazallus if they don't wanna die then go to pve server. Every pvp player veteran has worked hard to get what they have. Go to any openpvp mmo and you'll get shit on even at level 1. Go farm pstones or something, youll make progress eventually. It took me 3 betas to get anywhere. Cry is free

  • @Kazallus If you dont want to die just join NWO Guild xD The only reasson they are hunting new players its because they need 3 players of their Guild to gank 1 of us, and in this pic i had only 133hp and 25% shock resistance good luck now with 190 hp. Other thing my native speak its spanish too alt text

  • @Gorstak And yes ofc anyone know that xD but the pvp dynamic will change someday, actual game dynamic wont retend players. =)

  • @vorgoth333 protection from VAN LOL. Funniest joke I've heard so far. How many NWO members have we killed so far? 50? 150? Maybe you keep count

  • @Myhal LoL no one did mention "protection of VAN" hahaha i dc about a noob guild who cant 1v1 fight me. and tell me what did you wont by killing 150 players? nothing xD keep spending your life killing new ppl. You already know your psycologic attacks doesnt work with me. The proof its in the game, i keep growing and growing so fast no one can stop me =)

  • I've killed babi Vorgoth here easily 50+ time over my LR career, at least 10 of which I would've been solo. He started playing before me, and until he quit (presumably due to VAN domination) he played longer hours than any of us. lol, I remember NWO first "declared war" on VAN we ganked him nearly 15 times in a day at mino cave. Your guild chat was amusing, lol.

    Anyhow, this is far from the only time I killed you solo, including after F2P, but it's my favorite. A note for any new players: i's impossible to die in a 1v1 on any semi-geared character. Vorgoth is just legit garbage.

    @Holya said in VAN # 1?:

    alt text
    He left his door unlocked
    alt text
    Killed his friend
    alt text
    Chased him down
    alt text
    I camped his house until he ported back
    alt text
    Continued camping his house until he spawned in with a friend, who I killed in a 2v1, but sadly he managed to lock the door so that he may cower inside once more :c
    alt text
    Now his house has no door

  • @Holya LoL nice show! didnt you got it? psycologic attacks doesnt work on me, keep wasting your time on me xD and good job entertaning the public, but i really didnt read your reply. Are you studing to being a Clown right? GJ. Anyway im in the game anytime you or any of your guildies want 1v1 me =) ofc i wont use my mage because they are op and you failed as a Marksman because so noob, also i wont take video because i dont care about to entertain the peopple

  • @vorgoth333 psychological attacks don't work on anything that doesn't have a brain. It's still always fun to point at the retarded kid and laugh.


    You guys are way off topic from where it's supposed to be posted at. Take your fight in game or duel section

  • @Aries Yeah sry i did exceed my 2 minutes inverted to talk with VEN brainless ppl per week. im done.

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