Say no to bullying

  • Ok i can see now te post is just useless. You use all the post in this forum to fed your ego, boicoting all the related with the game. I posted about bullying and insult in a game, and you just know to say "im a pro you are a noob and look all my screenshots" ( you can still being a pro without insult and bully new players, or maybe you are only a "pro" when kill noob players, i don't know) because you are a toxic player, and toxic players always think all is about pros or noobs. I'm talking about play pvp game without insults and bully trash and you come here to insult and continue with your bully trash. Hope someday you get banned.


    @Holya said in Say no to bullying:

    @vorgoth333 psychological attacks don't work on anything that doesn't have a brain. It's still always fun to point at the retarded kid and laugh.

    We do this all time for you guys

  • @Kazallus yeah ikr hes trying hard his psycologic attacks vs me but those only works vs weak minds, then hes mad because can't vs my mind xD I dont even care if he take 5-8min of his nolife searching and posting my screenshots xD.

  • @vorgoth333 talk about wasting time. We're not the ones who spent 6 months playing 5 hours every day to get "geared" when the server had 3 people on. Good day

  • @Myhal Sry i exceed my limit time talking to brainless. ttyl next week to spend another 3minutes on you.

  • @vorgoth333 mad cause you know its true. I thought people in developing countries are not very worried about time? smell ya later

  • @Myhal ok, come for your prize.


    @Kazallus we are aware that some players of the community can be quite toxic, we plan to do something about it very soon both on our forums and in-game.

    This discussion has gone on long enough and has derailed completely, it will now be locked.

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