Hello! Everyone, I'am Cheshire Ram

  • Hello! I am Cheshire Ram.

    I just watch a trailer of this game and it was an automatic "I must play this" I have a lot of questions but please be nice and pacient with me. I'm from Mexico :flag_mx: and my english is not very good. So thank you buddys (Gracias Amigos :relieved: )

    by the way where can I find info about builds or set of skills for a been a warrior and crafter :confused:, thank you alot! see you arround everybody.

  • being a crafter is not a problem . you can raise every crafting skill without touching the cap skill of 700. For a warrior there are 2 types of template lately one is warrior with spiritualim.
    U can have for example these 4 skills
    warrior skill plus
    magic resistance

    the other 3 skills are of your choice...
    for example...

    or maybe poisoning which woulb be very interesting
    but i have never had it , they say it is very slow to achieve

    or maybe others..

    u can also do a warrior mage .
    but i don't have experience in that field.


  • When u play this game only remember that u are safe in safe zones.
    when u will be ready to step outside the city , just know that there will be the possibilities that u will meet an evil demon called Holya.
    He's haunting the forest oak and the entire world is corrupted by his presence.
    If u need protection look for NWO guild .
    They don't need ads but they are the only u will be able to rely in dangerous moments.

  • @Dreworok rude, and also I wiped their entire guild like 5 times already

  • oh Dios! It's here!! :anguished:

    Hope to see you guys in pvp zone after I get more knowledge on how to level and stuff like that. Thank you!!

  • Hola, haber si hablas en el juego en español asi no te confundo con los gringos ;D

  • Hola @CheshireRam! Its nice to see new people joing us here in forums too! I am Siltoruz in game too. I am leader in a new guild called The Riptide (RIP), and one of the people that are eager to see this games population go up. I can say you chose the best place to be. The game has this classic mmo feel, and has an addicted comunity and constant updates almost every 1-2 weeks.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions here and even ingame. About builds i cant go public with them but i can give you my knowledge in a private conversation.

    Now about that filthy person they told ya about, dont worry that much. Not that bad :p Just remember in this world you make your enemies so be carefull, and dont trust ppl that much. But seriously if you need anything PM.

    @Prometheus said in Hello! Everyone, I'am Cheshire Ram:

    Guys, this discussion is 1 month old... Let's not necro-thread ;)

    Lolz just saw

  • Guys, this discussion is 1 month old... Let's not necro-thread ;)

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